terrific tights

Fair warning, readers, this post is going to give you some insight into my strong desire to organize any and all things. But, more importantly, let’s move past that and focus on the fact that I’m finally getting to my tights post! Tights are totally the bee’s knees, if you ask me. And frankly, in Chicago these days, tights are a thing of survival during a 6 month winter.

Okay, so let’s get down to tights 101!

1) I organize my tights in plastic bags (I warned you about the organization thing…). I also label (I know I know, REALLY organized) the plastic bags. But, in all fairness, when you get ready early in the morning, a lot of tights look basically the same- this is the black, brown, navy debacle. I avoid this by labelling and plastic bagging my tights.


I know, I know. But seriously, this really helps in the morning. When I put the labels on they say something like, “black, plaid, H&M” or “purple, sheer, Betsey Johnson.” That’s generally enough memory jogging to remind me what tights I am holding. Additionally, tangled messes of tights makes it hard to remember what you have. This way, you remember everything!


2) Whenever possible, I buy my tights at least one size up. There is basically nothing more uncomfortable than tights feeling too tight all day and then having to hike them up to your waist (and risk snagging them, which has happened to me more than once!). You would think the one size up tights would be too big, but really, aren’t all tights super small? …I mean, they are called tights…

3) I know a lot of people toss their tights in the laundry. Personally, I hand wash my tights. A lot of mine are thin and delicate and wouldn’t stand up well to a washing machine (even on a delicate cycle). This is up to you- I know plenty of people who wash them in the machine and don’t have any problems at all.

4) I put all of my leggings in the washing machine. I also bag them, but I don’t generally label them because it’s not really needed, as I can clearly see their color and patterns.


5) I buy tights just about anywhere, but not all tights are created equal! I have plenty of tights that are a lower price point that have really held up (Forever 21, H&M, Target). To me, this is all about fit and care. Going a size up, it’s much harder to snag a pair of tights that fit with some degree of “space” and “wiggle room.” And, of course, hand washing really helps with longevity. For higher price point tights, I love Hue tights. If I did wash my tights, I would probably wash those in a machine because they are pretty durable. I generally find them at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. I aim to spend about $3-$7 on tights. I try and get them on clearance whenever possible (especially this time of year).

And, finally, some of my favorite tights…


What are your favorite tights, readers? Any tights tips?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone is having a great week!


34 thoughts on “terrific tights

  1. You are the tights queen! And it’s so nice to know you’re a fellow organization freak 🙂 I think I might have to steal the plastic bag idea…brilliant! You’re right, in the wee morning hours tights can look a lot alike. I hand wash my tights too, definitely adds longevity. Love those plaid tights!

  2. I admire your thoroughness. You approach the Tights Question with a forensic scientist’s precision and put my drawing containing a tangled mess of legs to shame. Love the mustard ones!

  3. ive never really thought about this idea 🙂 good one. i like how you have organized them so well.
    i end up wearing the same black colors over n over again in a hurry cause i have no patience to look hehe ..

  4. This is a timely post….a coworker of mine is helping a woman she knows who has a shopping addiction purge her items and break her compulsions. This woman is also the same size I am. So every so often I receive a bag of items she’s parting with. Today it was a large bag filled with tights….I’m thinking there’s at least 25 pairs in there of different colors and patterns.

    I’ve also gotten some nice cashmere sweaters from this too, and a few other odds and ends, but unfortunately most of the stuff is rather dated looking (about 15-20 years old).

  5. I’m not as diligent as you. I throw my tights/hosiery into a mesh garment bag into the machine – not even on delicate cycle! I generally look for higher spandex content tights, as they don’t loose their shape as easily. I love colored tights, textured tights, fishnet tights….the list goes on!

  6. Wow you are so organized, I could definitely take a page from your book! Don’t laugh but I don’t own a single pair of tights…I’m the “brave the cold weather is bare legs” kinda girl lol. But maybe in the fall I’ll look to buy my first pair! Any suggestions as to where to find some pretty ones?

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

    • Really?! Wow! I have terrible circulation so I’m always cold, hence I basically wear tights 10 months out of the year- lol!!

      Def! I like the tights at Nordstrom Rack best; their quality is great and so are the prices. And if you don’t mind paying full price, Bloomingdale has an awesome hosiery section!

      On Thursday, March 20, 2014, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


  7. I love your tights collection, as well as your organization tip with the labeled bags. I can see it being very helpful when your getting dressed in the morning, to keep from putting on footless black tights as opposed to the footed ones. I’ve done that so many times it’s ridiculous.

  8. Ok you have me beat on the tights…I need to step up my tights game. And I have those blue ones you’re wearing…except they’re not that sheer so I can wear them to yoga. Wouldn’t wanna be scandalous ya know 😉 haha


  9. I seriously probably have as many tights as you (I went through a slight printed tights obsession many years ago) but have lately been trying to clear them out and purge the ones I no longer wear. The plastic bag idea is genius though, I think that will help me actually organize the ones I wear all the time! 😀

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