keep on truckin’ (aka understated overstated)


Let’s face it, understated isn’t really my thing these days. I tend to wear all sorts of power clashing/pattern mix-up looks, especially lately.  Today, however, I decided it was time to change it up and go understated.

…Funny enough, when G and I were taking these photos, a giant truck showed up…and of course, we just had to ask if I could climb on it for my blog photos. Thus, the understated look took on an overstated theme with me hanging on trucks in the photos. We laughed all throughout taking the photos, which made the day that much better. We kept on truckin’ in an understated gone overstated way.


Top: Cynthia Rowley at TJ Maxx ($19 marked down from approx $250)

Pants: Banana Republic ($20 marked down from $110)

Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)

Bracelet: Forever 21 (approx $5)

Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom Rack ($15 marked down from $50)

Earrings: Handmade (gift)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’m all about sheer tops year round.  I winterized this top by adding wool pants, though could have also added a cardigan as well.  

Here are the other ways I’ve worn this top year round:


Even though it’s a bright color, this top is so versatile and can definitely be worn year round.

2) I basically live in these heels. I feature them more than any other shoe on the blog, namely because they are sort-of non-traditional with the animal print, read like a neutral in the black and white, and are so comfortable.  The heel and sole are made of rubber, so it really does make them “comfortable heels.” They do exist! I got them at DSW for a great price- because they had the “yellow sticker” which made them 80% off the sale price.  I keep them in good condition by keeping them in my office, and wearing them almost completely indoors. 


Anyone else have tips for keeping their heels in good condition?

Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate it so much and hope everyone had a good weekend!

33 replies to “keep on truckin’ (aka understated overstated)

  1. I feel like you have the ability to throw anything together and make it work!! Love this look and I am glad you were able to have fun with the added truck in the photographs!!


  2. It’s so essential to have the heels replaced from time to time on a good pair of shoes -if you ask me. LOVE the look here. #totesfab

  3. Oh hunny!! You are hilarious and awesome at the same time!! Love the caution tape, indeed, such great style should be handled with caution ;). Love the top paired with the printed pants!!

  4. Love your photo-shoot with the forklift! SO creative and your shoes are amazing!

  5. Love the heels…The reminded me of a pair of spectators (black and white with little sprinkles of black on the white) that my mom use to wear when I was younger. I use to always put my little feet in them. ❤

  6. Haha we love your post! They say when opportunity knocks, you better open the door, or grab a handle to hang off of! Now that’s a way to ‘truck’ a fabulous outfit! Love all the details. 👍👍

    XOXO N & N

  7. You do understated beautifully 🙂 Love this! You are so freakin stylish and I’m getting so many ideas from you!

  8. Honey, you are so cool, and gorgeous to boot (hehehehe) that I am pushing our follow button. I need some guidance, though older then you, but, I am in dire need of a haul-over. Your blog is great!! I am so glad you found me over at my blog. With Lots of Love, Amy

      1. I feel you on that!! And thank you so much for your sweet comment. I’m glad we can follow each other too. Writing isn’t my strong suit, so I think I’ll be learning a LOT from you- xoxo

      2. (blushing) Wow! Photography actually is my strongpoint, with a writing a strong second. When I read how others write, my confidence in myself sinks. So, I just have to work on the faith thing on me, now don’t I?
        Yes, I LOVE your blog, and I think you are brilliant the way you put clothes together. I’ve done the same thing all my life, never really going after what is in fashion, but rather the technique of combining colors, cloth and style, and of course, at a good price. We will be learning from each other. How NICE!!! xxoo

      3. Sounds perfect to me! I’d like to feel more confident in what I write and not feel self conscious…funny how I feel confident in my clothes but not always in my voice! Blogging brings out all of our quirks, I’m convinced. Looking forward to following 🙂 xo


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