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New Version of You 2014 continues this month, as I continue to try and pair old things I have in new ways. Having put myself on a serious fashion budget ($15-$20/week), I’m taking my own advice (somewhat of a rarity, I can admit), and shopping in my own closet. This morning I pulled out two of my favorite pieces and combined them for a colored pattern mashup party.

This is a skirt that I don’t wear all the time because of its bold pattern, but I do love it so. It actually has a matching jacket that I wear sometimes with the skirt for a full blown mod suit look (you can see the full suit here).  Anywho- the skirt. When the Marni for H&M collection was set to be released, I sat outside, in line, on Michigan Ave starting at 4 am because I just had to have the suit. To be honest, I’m not really the person who is willing to wait in serious lines for things…but the suit coat and skirt really were calling my name. I would probably do it again, and love that the skirt has taken on a new life with the flannel top. Today, I’m musing over creating a new version of ourselves in 2014…and giving loved pieces new life. Cheers to that.
Flannel: H&M ($20 marked down from $25)
Skirt: Marni for H&M ($60)
Tights: unknown…but I’m guessing I got them in a pinch from Walgreens a while ago
Shoes: Express ($20 marked down from approx $70)
Leopard ring: Express ($6 marked down from $35)
Bracelet: Banana Republic (approx $10 marked down from approx $60, hard to remember!)
Green ring: from travels in Ireland
Necklace: gift
 Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Express continues to have a good sale going on, though was starting to look a bit picked-over as of yesterday. The sale remains 50% off their sale section.  These booties are the first pair of shoes I’ve gotten at Express, though, thus far, I am really pleased with the comfort and quality.  The shoes are suede, so they require a good waterproofing spray and suede brush. I get both the spray and brush at Nordstroms, though I’m sure Amazon has both at a good price.  Suede is no joke, readers! Make sure to spray it and, personally, I don’t wear suede with any threat of rain or snow. I carry these booties to and from work in a separate bag and then wear them inside once I get to work.  Even though they weren’t expensive, they aren’t bad quality and will have a much longer life with proper care.
2) Brown with black. I debunked that myth a few months ago, and readers, you were all in agreement that brown and black together are a fashion do! Despite this, I wavered in the brown shoes with this outfit. I decided, ultimately, that if you’re going to go bold, just take it all the way. I piled on jewelry (two rings, a chunky bracelet, necklace), polka dots, plaid, and studded booties. Somehow, it’s all coherently bold enough to work. If you think something may work together, just starting trying it all on and then give yourself a few minutes to continue getting ready.  After a few minutes, go back and look at what you’re wearing. I’m a firm believer that some things take time to consider (probably a lot of things, actually!). If you love it, wear it- you’ll always be wearing a fashion do if it fits and it’s what you love!
I’d love to hear any tips you have for trying to wear your old pieces in new ways! How do you get ready in the morning when trying new combinations?
Thanks for stopping by, readers!

46 replies to “musing in Marni

  1. Well, I don’t really venture in trying new combinations right before leaving, because it takes time to find the perfect one. Not always are the outfits that I make up in my head the best choice of look for me. That’s why I do that when I have some spare time, and I just pull out lots of clothes from my closet and just mix and match. But I too give myself a while to assimilate the outfit, before deciding if it’s a do or a don’t. So, yeah, I’m definitely a ferm believer in restyling new clothes.
    Normally I don’t get out of my comfort zone, so the two distinct patterns you’re wearing woul’d have been a clear don’t if I had tried them myself, but seen on you all together, I’m starting to reconsider resizing that comfort zone. You did a great job with this outfit, loove it!!!!!


    1. You are not alone in this! I was even on the fence about it, but ended up loving it- one of my girlfriends at work said the same thing! She wouldn’t have thought it made sense, but it did! It’s true, you really can’t rush these things and should take the time (normally at night!!) to give an outfit the time it needs :)!! Thanks for your feedback on strategies!! xo

      On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 5:07 PM, The Fashion Huntress wrote:


      1. Yeah yeah yeah, at night at night 😁😁😁😁 I’m glad to know I’m not the only “freak” 😁


  2. The skirt is fantastic! I love it! And the whole styling with jewelry included is just amazing. Shopping in your own closet is the cheapest and it is so much fun XX

  3. What a great goal for 2014! This year I joined #ThriftyThreads365, aka thrifting all year, and I’m excited about it. But remixing clothes I already have is even more important. Great post!!

  4. OMG love the skirt. I’d actually love to see the entire suit together, although I can totally see that the suit and jacket work wonderfully as separate pieces!

    I know what you mean about trying to get the most out of an existing wardrobe. I’m getting pretty tired of mine and would really like to re-vamp it (more professional pieces, especially) BUT I’m also on a budget and want to save a bunch of money this year! Oh the balance. 😀

  5. Lovely. I missed the Marni, and almost every other designer collab except Margiela for H&M where I bought tons but I think that’s because regular H&M shoppers didn’t quite know what to make of it so there was still some left when I came along. My luck! But Peter Pilotto for Target is coming up and no doubt I’ll miss it too. I, like you, am not a stand in line for hours type either!

  6. Love the colour and pattern of that skirt! I like the idea of shopping in your own closet….for some reason I find it easier to do when the weather is warm. Where did you take these pics? That looks like a stadium of some sort? Creative background.

  7. That is a very cool and chic skit. I can see why you waited in line. I do not generally do this either. but there are exceptions. Cool blog, following via Bloglovin.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  8. LOVE the skirt!!! So beautiful and the patterns are gorgeous! Of late, I have been doing nothing but pulling all sorts of pairings with new and old. Its fun, its tiring but it also keeps my closet under check. Its more challenging some days over the other when I am having a brain dead moment.

  9. I love this post because I am a firm believer in recycling what we already have. I’m an outfit planner, meaning that the night before I look over everything in my closet sit down and put an outfit together in my mind. It is an awesome feeling using something familiar in an unfamiliar way.

  10. I love the pattern of your skirt, you’ve got to show the jacket next time! Great mix of prints, I would have never thought to combined the two but they work so beautifully together.
    I vowed to not buy anything until spring but I caved yesterday…I bought my first pair of flat/smoking slippers for $27 but thats marked done $125. I couldn’t pass up the deal!lol!

    xo, Jackie

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