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My list of 2014 resolutions seems sort-of endless. Nonetheless, I’m committed to, at the very least, trying to accomplish them! I have a few non-fashion goals, but here are my fashion goals (more interesting than ‘keeping the house clean’) (though, seriously, that is a BIG goal for 2014).

1) Finally clean out my closet (fine. sigh. closets, plural)

2) Donate clothes (versus leaving them in a box in my closet)

3) Try out Thred-UP ( to online consign clothes (seems fancy, I like the concept)

4) Organize all accessories and shoes (GAH! …I don’t even know where to start. Container Store??)

5) Blog at least 3-4 times per week! (minus Christmas week. doesn’t seem like that will ever happen!)

Thrilling, right!? I know. I actually started to sweat while typing that list because it seems daunting, but I’m really going to give it my Fashion Huntress all!

2014 here we come!


Dress: Limited ($10 marked down from $110)

Long sleeve tee: H&M ($10 marked down from approx $20)

Belt: Urban Outfitters ($5 marked down from approx $25)

Leggings: Limited (approx $10 many years ago!)

Scarf: Limited ($7 marked down from approx $35)

Necklace: Limited ($5 marked down from $33)

Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I love the cutout shoulder detail on this dress. The cutouts seemed both a little breezy and ‘exposed’ for work, so I added a long sleeve tee shirt under my dress. This is easily my favorite way to ‘winterize’ my dresses. I grab long sleeve tees at H&M or at the J Crew outlet (J Crew Factory, also online). You really don’t need ‘fancy’ tops for under dresses because they 1) get washed all the time 2) aren’t really seen under the dress anyway. I just go for ‘durable’ in long sleeve tees. You can generally find them for $5-$10 at J Crew Factory, H&M, or Old Navy.

2) I hadn’t been in the Limited in a long time, but my girlfriend goes there all the time and finds the best pieces, so I decided to check it out. I ventured in and was totally impressed by their sales. I mean, this dress was $10, readers. …$100 off? Sold. It’s basically unwrinkle-able (probably not a word) and has great details. Sometimes I have to remind myself to venture into stores I haven’t been into in a while instead of solely sticking with my ‘old faithfuls.’ 

Anyone have stores that they recently checked-out again and enjoyed? Have fashion New Year resolutions?

Thanks for stopping by, readers! I hope you’re enjoying the first week of 2014!

37 replies to “bright lights big 2014

  1. You get it, girl!!! Happy New Year – cannot wait to see what inspiration you bring to the fashion game! LOVE the red dress, it’s vibrant and fabulous on you 😉 xxxx

  2. I love that dress! Yet another amazing deal you found. As for your resolutions, I’m a huge fan of Poshmark, an app based online consignment. I’ve had really good luck on there, and made some decent purchases as well.
    Happy New Year!

  3. 6) Show beautiful face to bloggers 🙂 Hehe just kidding, great list! That dress is totes adorbs on you and that scarf is gorgeous!! Ugh I hear ya I went from blogging everyday to just a few times a week. Hope you had a lovely Holiday!

  4. 1. love this outfit and 2. YES I totally agree with the cleaning out/organizing closets and bags/shoes/jewelry. I’m always at a loss on how to proceed. Even though I’m continually cleaning out, I could use a little help to get rid of stuff that I never wear.

  5. Woa! You score all the best deals. Cannot even come close to matching your deals and they are great outfits. I’ve been downsizing my closet these past months and experimented with channels such as eBay, Poshmark, ThreadFlip, Vinted, and Tradesy. For the sake of experimenting, I actually posted my items on each and every single one of the channels *phew, hardwork*, but here’s my finding.

    1. eBay: Best place to reach a wider audience. Since there’s time limit on the auction or set price, lots of people will come upon your listing when browsing through auctions or sales that are ending. eBay is free to list and takes 10% fee from sales, which is low compared to the other 4 options. I’ve sold quite a few things on here. Just be careful that you capture every single stains or rips or holes or anything that your item might have. I’ve encountered some buyers who worn the item, damaged it and tried to claim refund on the last day of the allowed period (45 days)
    2. Poshmark: Great place to find items (hence might be upsizing instead of downsizing). Your listing gets buried among the other more popular closets that’s been using the App for a while. I haven’t managed to sell anything on here, but instead added a few things >< I like how this is a social platform and people can haggle and social on the listing itself. This app and following two apps all charge 20% from sales, but they take care of shipping paid by buyers.
    3. Threadflip: I tried, played around, and gave up. It's not as popular as Poshmark
    4. Vinted: Not as many people on here and less brand name items. Most people sell things really cheap because they probably are, but you can still score good deals here. They are very picky on their pictures. No stock photos and only good quality photos or posed.
    5. Tradesy: This is website only and not made into an app. I like the platform. It's clean and easy to browse. They clean up your photo for you too. I've sold one item off here.

    My favorite is eBay. Still building traction on Poshmark and hopefully will sell some things on there soon 🙂

    Oopsie.. I just realize I've written a super long comment… Best of luck downsizing!

    1. I really appreciate your comment!! This is so useful for me and the readers!! Thank you for taking the time to outline all of it :)!!! I didn’t know about many of these sites because online selling is definitely new to me- but I think it’s time to try something new! …and it’s definitely time to clean out my closets a bit (okay more than a bit!). Thanks again for all of your amazing feedback!! xo

  6. LOVE how you layered the long sleeve tee under the dress—gives it whole new dimension! And don’t get me started on the scarf! I would totally wear that scarf with everything—gorgeous! Here’s to a fashionable and fun loving 2014!

  7. Love you in red, so pretty!

    You inspired me to make resolutions, I gave up on even making them because life always seems to get in the way (I know, I know, worst excuse ever)!

    xx Cara

  8. Um, that dress was $10?! Wha?? Awesome. I have a friend who loves The Limited and she keeps telling me I need to check it out. You look great. Happy 2014!

  9. When you finis organizing all your clothes and shoes, can you come and do mine please???? 😀 *sigh* It’s an on-going battle!

    This post makes me miss the USA so much! $10 from $110 – amazing. And such a fabulous dress! Finds like that are just nearly impossible here (although some people manage to get some good things thrifting). Of course, to get finds (steals?) like that you need to visit stores often and be on the lookout – but still, I’m totally impressed and a little jealous. 😀

    Good luck on your 2014 goals!

    1. I hear that the US seems to have much more discounts than many other countries; I actually never knew about that prior to blogging. We do seem to miss out on many great European stores, but I guess the grass is always greener, right? 🙂 xo!!

      1. Definitely an example of economies of scale at work! Here I’ll consider something an absolute steal if I get it for less than about $30. AND we don’t get the European stores either. NZ is so beautiful and I love living here – but it’s an absolute [affordable] fashion abyss! :/

  10. Great list of resolutions, I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves my for-donation clothes in a box in the corner! I’m really trying to cut down the time between “deciding to get rid of something” and “actually getting it out the door”. Good luck with the same!

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