nervously new heights (aka zippy in zebra)


I can’t say that I’ve ever gotten nervous while taking my blog photos…until these photos. I don’t know if it was the heights, fear of falling off a ledge onto a conveyer belt, or the small space, but I got nervous (and nervous fast) on this shoot. Despite the jitters, I ended up loving the photos. There’s no height I won’t go to for fashion! (That’s not true. This is probably the most I would do.) And don’t worry, I totally did not fall onto the conveyor belt. PHEW.


Dress: Issa for Banana Repbulic ($10 marked down from $140)

Tights: Vera Wang for Kohl’s (gift)

Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (approx $5 marked down from approx $20)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Even though this is a very boldly printed dress, it was surprisingly easy to change the styling of it. Here’s how I styled it last:


It’s gotten a bit cooler since I last wore the dress, so I added full tights and boots (and a long sleeve t-shirt) underneath. I also added a short necklace versus a long necklace. A few people even asked if I had worn the dress before. Changing up shoes, necklaces, and accessories can go a long way in changing up a boldly printed piece. 

2) The tights are my first piece from the Vera Wang for Kohl’s collection- Simply Vera. I don’t live near a Kohl’s, so I rarely go, but I’ve been impressed by the Vera Wang pieces that I’ve seen others wearing. The pieces are unique, edgy, high quality, and well priced. Kohl’s, from what I hear, also has a lot of sales, so it may even be worth waiting for the Vera Wang pieces to go on sale. I will further investigate this and report back.  If you want to check it out yourself, below is the link:


Anyone else going out of their comfort zone in their photos? In their prints?

Thanks for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

40 replies to “nervously new heights (aka zippy in zebra)

  1. Love your outfit! You know i am such an animal print junkie. Boy there are some precarious poses there!! True blog dedication xo

  2. your pictures are AMAZING! (as well as your outfit and photographer!) i am scared of heights so i could never do this! i love your use of space and how artistic it is 😀

  3. I’m afraid of heights so you won’t see me balancing high up anywhere. The things we do in the name of fashion 😉 I love this dress, I remember it from your last post. The knee high boots and tights are a great winter touch! Perhaps you should start getting a stunt woman for your photo shoots 😉 BE Careful!

  4. Ah beautiful! If by comfort zone you mean going out in the cold then yes yes I have been going out of my comfort zone for about 20 minutes too long. 😀 Love the dress want/need it. And ahhh I love Vera for Khols. The sales are phenomenal not to mention the Khols cash! I love going in there and getting 10 dollars off stuff. 🙂 xx

  5. That dress is fantastic! And you know what you need to do? You need to blog about your hair because it always looks amazing. Seriously.

  6. Love the change from an ordinary location, to a glamorous set. That hint of danger is very exciting.

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