double take (purple plaid party)


So there I was the other night, enjoying my dinner, when I came across a strange thing.  I was paging through a J Crew catalog and saw…my outfit. …that I didn’t get at J Crew…puzzling. Purple pants, purple plaid top and metallic shoes…hmm… The only reasonable conclusion is that someone from J Crew was following me when I shopped and decided to showcase my purple ensemble in their catalog. Yes. That must be it. It’s the only logical explanation.

Exhibit A (I took photos of the catalog, so forgive the image quality):


Exhibit B:

Can I have a moment with this uncanny matching outfit situation? Okay, thanks.

Their lovely outfit can be bought for $515. My outfit would have been $205…had I paid full price. But, this is a budget fashion blog, so you can reasonably assume I didn’t pay full price for anything. I ended up huntressing my whole outfit for, yep, $39. As my mom would say, “Hot dog.” As a result of this odd coincidence, I call this outfit my double take purple plaid party ensemble. (Side note: I was inexplicably watching a Full House  rerun and eating Jimmy Johns during this moment, so it was a party on a lot of levels) (should I not have admitted that?) (thanks for not judging).


Top: Gap ($16 marked down from $45)

Pants: Gap ($11 marked down from $50)

Shoes: Banana Republic ($12 marked down from $110)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I cannot stress enough (maybe I can) that I feel very strongly that good prices do not have to mean sacrificing any quality! These days, there are sales just about everywhere. There are even sales at high end shops such as Burberry (though the prices aren’t quite as low as featured on my blog). Most items do eventually go on sale, so keep a lookout for pieces that you’ve admired at full price.  I also recently created an email address just to give out to all the places (in stores and online) that ask for an email address. As a result, all of the store coupons go to one place so that I can easily retrieve them.  I get nearly weekly emailed coupons from some stores including Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy.  Some of the coupons can even be used on sale items. The separate email address is an easy way to organize coupons and not clutter your personal inbox.

2) The other day in one of my posts I mentioned wearing cropped pants in fall and winter. At this point, I’m fully embracing cropped pants for fall! By wearing plaid/flannel on top, these pants look completely fall (and work) appropriate. I added a shirt underneath the plaid top for extra warmth, and you really could not see it at all. However, the extra layer kept me warm given that my ankles and feet were bare. My official stance on cropped pants in fall and winter is: it’s a go.

Anyone else embracing cropped pants in cooler weather? Have you too found your own outfit in a catalog while watching Full House?

Thanks for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much!

blogging buddies and mail magic


Getting things in the mail is a rare treat these days in our electronic age. Well, mail dreams came true when I found out a couple of weeks ago that I won a drawing for an article of clothing from Mihaela at Fashion Sky Fall. You can imagine how jazzed I was to receive the top in the mail! Mail! Clothing! Fellow blogger love! It was a big day.

Blogging is such an interesting way of connecting to others around the world and even in our own communities. I’m endlessly grateful for the support I receive from readers, and amazed at how we end up forming relationships with those whom we have not formally met. A blog is often a glimpse into someone’s life, and a welcoming of others to share in our journey. Mail, blogging, readers, comments…it really is a small world after all. How wonderful to share it with each other to make our worlds both smaller through connections and bigger through expanding our horizons and awareness of others. A thank you to Mihaela at Fashion Sky Fall for her blog and to all of you out there in the blogosphere for supporting one girl’s dream of being a fashion blogger.


Top: c/o Fashion Sky Fall

Cardigan: Cardigan: Marshall’s ($20 marked down from approx $50)

Scarf: gift

Leggings: Old Navy ($10)

Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I love white lace as an unexpected fabric for fall and winter. Lace really seems to be showing some serious staying power this fall and winter, as I’ve seen lace dresses all over the place in blogs and on Pinterest. I like to layer on top of the lace to stay warm, and also to make the lace piece look purposeful in the cool weather, not out of place. You know how I feel about transitioning clothes to all seasons whenever possible, and this top is definitely no exception. In spring and summer, I’ll pair it with capris or tucked into skirts. Many pieces can be transitioned; try to transition them before you pack them away for the fall and winter months!

2) When wearing fitted pants (such as leggings), I like to go layered on top to not look too “fitted’ for work. The lace top definitely added some length over the leggings, but I added the cardigan for even more length over the leggings. In a conservative work environment such as mine, leggings are not allowed as “pants” but you can wear them with long tops and sweaters. I don’t let the conservative dress code stop the leggings, but I do wear them with coverage in the form of layers! After all, I basically live in leggings in winter. Fleece leggings. Need I say more? They are real and they are magic. Get ready for those babies to be busted out on the blog pretty soon.

Anyone else sport leggings at work? Still wearing your lace?

Thanks for stopping by, lovely readers!

enchanted forest


So, I mentioned in a previous post that I got a hat while I was in San Diego. I told my boyfriend that I felt very strongly that the hat should be photographed in a wooded area.  Not only did he not find this odd (he really gets me), but he also did not balk at a somewhat difficult request when you live in an urban area. I don’t have a car and rarely drive, so I hoped he would be able to lead the way to a wooded area…as per my hat’s photographing needs.

Well, when we pulled up the site, it took my breath away. I wish the photos could do the setting justice. He had brought me to an enchanted forest.  This is one of my most favorite fashion huntress backdrops yet, and it certainly does the hat justice. In fact, I hope I did the enchanted forest justice in my ensemble. Ah yes, here we are again. Yet another fashion-life metaphor. I guess you never know when enchantment and magic are just around the corner. Always be ready for it…and dressed for the occasion.

“Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney


Hat: Goorin Brothers Hat Shop ($65)

Jacket: DKNY (no price can be recalled, over 10 years old!)

Sweater: Gap ($16 marked down from $60)

Denim shirt: Forever 21 ($20)

Pants: Ann Taylor ($20 marked down from $88)

Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)

Scarf: (Gap, borrowed)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I love a good statement hat for fall and winter, especially one that’s a bit non-traditional. I’m going to post more about Goorin’s Hat shop tomorrow, but they have great high quality hats at very affordable prices. Some of the styles are more expensive than others, but they also have a great sale section (online and in stores). Stay tuned for my upcoming post!

2)  Initially, I was a little unsure about wearing leopard pants with a vintage-looking hat. I thought maybe I had mixed too many trends of vintage/animal print/knee high boots. However, I think the hat remained the statement piece and looked perfectly in place among the grays, black, and denim. Somehow, even the leopard pants ended up looking a bit neutral in comparison to the gray/green hat. Sometimes, I just start piling on layers of similar toned pieces and then add one statement/standout piece in a different color.  The end result usually ends up working out.  If it doesn’t, I just start over! 

Readers, anyone else enjoying statement fall and winter accessories this year?

Thank you, as always, for stopping by and sharing in my fashion adventures!


“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” -Walt Disney

feeling so very fall (and cold!)


Well, readers, it’s getting to the point where it’s a bit difficult (read: freezing) to pose outside without Uggs and a down jacket. But, fear not, I will continue to bravely sport my outfits outside as long as possible! I just cannot resist the falling leaves and yellow trees as a backdrop. Can you blame me? My girlfriend and I do get a few odd looks here and there as people pass by as we take the blog photos. It’s all in the name of fashion, people.  All in the name of fashion.


Top: Ann Taylor Loft (approx $9 marked down from approx $30)

Pants: Banana Republic ($20 marked down from approx $90)

Shoes: Dolce Vita ($20 marked down from $100)

Coat: Gap (approx $25 marked down from approx $70)

Scarf: got in Spain many years ago


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) While it is a bit chilly to wear this outside without a jacket, this outfit definitely works indoors this time of year. Once the heat gets going inside at work, long sleeve t-shirts work just fine indoors. I also tend to wear my flats and heels without socks/tights/knee highs until it gets a bit colder out. I don’t really have a rule of thumb about when I stop wearing bare feet with shoes, but I would say it tends to happen when there is snow on the ground or when my feet get too cold indoors. When I do make the switch over to socks/tights/knee highs, I keep my same summer, spring, and fall shoes out and just add a layer to my feet. Adding a layer is a good general strategy for transitioning clothes and shoes!

2) This long sleeve t-shirt is definitely casual for work, but I dressed it up with a scarf and dress pants.  On Fridays, I tend to wear my more casual tops (this outfit was from Friday). As I’ve posted before, I think you can definitely wear t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts at work within reason, as long as your other pieces (pants, shoes, jewelry) are more formal.  Wearing your weekend tops with more formal pieces allows you to get a lot more wear out of your “weekend” clothes by wearing them at work.

Anyone else find themselves still going barefoot in their shoes? Wearing t-shirts at work?

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by, readers!