remix and rematch: one dress, four ways

When I posted my brown dress yesterday, I realized I hadn’t posted the dress the past couple of times I wore it. It’s true, sometimes fashion bloggers get behind (at least this one does!). But, I thought I would take this back logged opportunity to show how I wore one dress four different ways.

1) Traditional: no cardigan, belt, or tights


2) Sweater: sweater zipped over the dress to make the dress into a skirt


3) Long sleeve tee: long sleeve black tee under the dress, belt on top


4) Cardigan: cardigan on top of the dress, belt under the cardigan


So, there you have it! One dress, four different ways! It’s as though I planned this whole back logged situation…

Dress: Ann Taylor via consignment ($12 marked down from approx $120)

Anyone else have tips for remixing their dresses?

Thanks for stopping by readers! Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!


29 thoughts on “remix and rematch: one dress, four ways

  1. My favorite is look number 2! Every time I try to make a dress I have look like a skirt I think I fail miserably. I think this dress works because it hits your waist and hips perfectly. So jealous you found it on consignment 🙂

  2. I really love this idea of re-working one dress into new looks =) It really makes your closet and wallet stretch further! I found on Pinterest to wear a tee shirt of a oversized sweater over a dress to make it look different. This may not work with this dress since the top is so pretty, but it works for my plainer dresses ❤ ❤ I hope you have a great day, pretty lady!!

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