scarf, stripes, and statement (necklace)


I don’t have too much to say today except that I am swooning over this statement necklace by Pam Hiran that I found at Anthropologie the other day. Seriously, they have such great jewelry there, and this necklace is no exception. I had been looking for a big statement necklace and finally found this unique gem! I paired the necklace with my striped sweater and favorite fall coat/scarf combination.

By the way, seriously, I think my leaf background posts are getting a little out of control lately, but I just can’t stop myself! My girlfriend and I were lamenting today that we will really be suffering when we try and take the blog photos in the snow. But, for now, I am still lovingly including the colorful leaves and an ability to stand outside for a full three minutes without my coat! I mean, this necklace just had to be photographed in natural light! It’s only right! (Brr).


Sweater: Banana Republic (approx $17 marked down from approx $70)

Button down: Gap (approx $11 marked down from $55)

Pants: Banana Republic ($20 marked down from approx $90)

Necklace: Pam Hiran via Anthropologie ($15 marked down from $60)

Shoes: Shoes: BC at Urban Outfitters (they are so old, I can’t even remember the price! Approx $30 on sale)

Jacket: French Connection (bought years ago when I lived in Spain!)

Scarf: Burberry (gift)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) There are so many places to get great statement jewelry! If you are looking for unique pieces, I think Anthropologie and J Crew have great jewelry, though it can be costly unless you wait for the sales. Some of the “chain” jewelry selections include Charming Charlies, H&M, Bauble Bar, and Forever 21. I have seen, both on blogs and in stores, amazing finds at those shops/websites. I personally like to dig through pieces in person to find unique and durable necklaces. Durable may seem like an odd word choice, but if you’ve ever had a necklace break and beads fly everywhere, then you know what I’m talking about! I like to look for metal necklaces and/or beads strung on metal wire, in order to ensure that the necklace will last. 

2) I really wanted the necklace to stand out in this outfit, though I think it would also look great among layered tops and thick sweaters. I also think pairing it with my hair up and big gold bracelets would showcase a totally glam look.  Sometimes very unique pieces can seem less versatile than more “standard” pieces, but I find that many unique pieces are quite versatile. The shoes seen here, for example, are turquoise wedge loafer/moccasins.  That doesn’t sound too versatile, right? But, I wear turquoise all the time, so I wear the shoes all the time! Same goes for the necklace. The turquoise beads mean I’ll likely end up wearing it a lot. If you like a specific color and tend to wear it a lot, consider picking your statement pieces in those colors to ensure you will wear them frequently!

Anyone else have a strategy for getting use out of unique pieces?

Thank you so much, as always, for reading and stopping by!

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40 thoughts on “scarf, stripes, and statement (necklace)

  1. The necklace looks gorgeous-I do love Anthropologie….they have some swoon-worthy stuff. Generally winter is associated with dull colours, I like how you incorporated colour into your outfit…great look!


  2. Scarves, stripes, and necklaces–Oh my! Love the trio! And the background is beautiful, so keep them coming! I seriously cant get over how amazing that necklace is either…Beautiful!

  3. Ahh that necklace! It’s beautiful!!! I looove statement necklace thank you for the comment on my other blog! That is so amazing that you lived in Spain, do you speak Spanish? I was thinking the same thing *shudder it’s already cold now during the winter the cold is going to bite so much harder than it does now. *le sigh.

    1. I know! It’s probably even colder where you are…I busted out my Uggs. It’s time to just accept this. And yes! I’m bilingual- I actually do rough a third of my work (not blogging lol) in Spanish!

      1. Shut the front door! That’s so amazing, I’ve always wanted to learn French, I use to dabble a bit with Spanish but it’s true that they say if you don’t use it you loose it, I would love to live in Spain for a year!

  4. Funky necklace! Love this colour combo, great fall look! I can’t believe all the deals you got, it’s amazing. I need you’re shopping tips!lol
    My favourite thing about fall is the all the beautiful leaves and their colours 🙂 That is until the snow comes and temperatures drop…Canadian prairies can be oh so cold!

    xo, Jackie

  5. I love your office looks. I currently have a “casual dress” code (denim is allll good!), but if I ever get a job at a more straight-laced place I’m definitely going to know what blog to look for for outfit ideas!

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