double take (purple plaid party)


So there I was the other night, enjoying my dinner, when I came across a strange thing.  I was paging through a J Crew catalog and saw…my outfit. …that I didn’t get at J Crew…puzzling. Purple pants, purple plaid top and metallic shoes…hmm… The only reasonable conclusion is that someone from J Crew was following me when I shopped and decided to showcase my purple ensemble in their catalog. Yes. That must be it. It’s the only logical explanation.

Exhibit A (I took photos of the catalog, so forgive the image quality):


Exhibit B:

Can I have a moment with this uncanny matching outfit situation? Okay, thanks.

Their lovely outfit can be bought for $515. My outfit would have been $205…had I paid full price. But, this is a budget fashion blog, so you can reasonably assume I didn’t pay full price for anything. I ended up huntressing my whole outfit for, yep, $39. As my mom would say, “Hot dog.” As a result of this odd coincidence, I call this outfit my double take purple plaid party ensemble. (Side note: I was inexplicably watching a Full House  rerun and eating Jimmy Johns during this moment, so it was a party on a lot of levels) (should I not have admitted that?) (thanks for not judging).


Top: Gap ($16 marked down from $45)

Pants: Gap ($11 marked down from $50)

Shoes: Banana Republic ($12 marked down from $110)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I cannot stress enough (maybe I can) that I feel very strongly that good prices do not have to mean sacrificing any quality! These days, there are sales just about everywhere. There are even sales at high end shops such as Burberry (though the prices aren’t quite as low as featured on my blog). Most items do eventually go on sale, so keep a lookout for pieces that you’ve admired at full price.  I also recently created an email address just to give out to all the places (in stores and online) that ask for an email address. As a result, all of the store coupons go to one place so that I can easily retrieve them.  I get nearly weekly emailed coupons from some stores including Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy.  Some of the coupons can even be used on sale items. The separate email address is an easy way to organize coupons and not clutter your personal inbox.

2) The other day in one of my posts I mentioned wearing cropped pants in fall and winter. At this point, I’m fully embracing cropped pants for fall! By wearing plaid/flannel on top, these pants look completely fall (and work) appropriate. I added a shirt underneath the plaid top for extra warmth, and you really could not see it at all. However, the extra layer kept me warm given that my ankles and feet were bare. My official stance on cropped pants in fall and winter is: it’s a go.

Anyone else embracing cropped pants in cooler weather? Have you too found your own outfit in a catalog while watching Full House?

Thanks for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much!

40 replies to “double take (purple plaid party)

  1. well clearly J Crew had their people follow you around and then replicate the look for the catalog, because it’s so damn fabulous!! love this outfit, amazing colors and the metallic heels really add a cool twist to it all!

  2. Great find girlie! Almost identical crazy! My little secret lately has been the Carrie diaries which is just a prequel to Sex and the City, I feel odd watching because the main character is only 16 but it’s cute lol and the fashion is so amazing! I was just thinking about that lately actually, I ended up keeping two of my cropped pants because I thought if anything I can wear them with boots. 🙂

  3. Girl- you have the best, most accessible style sense around. I’m not surprised that you are on trend even before they show off such an ensemble!

    I’ve been meaning to ask- do you have a blog entry showing off how you organize all of your stuff? Purses, shoes, scarves, necklaces, etc? I would love to see what you work from when getting outfits together!

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. This is a great question! I definitely have some organization- though my closet really needs some organizational loving. I would be happy to show how I organize the things that are actually organized though!!

  4. a) Isn’t this top the best?! I can’t stop wearing mine, the quality is amazing! b) my daughter is hooked on Full House so I use her as my excuse for watching it when really I just can’t seem to get enough of it shhhhh;) c) I really need to try Jimmy Johns I keep hearing everyone rave about it d) you look incredible as always and really have me contemplating cutting even more of my hair off!

    xx Cara

  5. Cropped pants, Full House, AND Jimmy Johns are a GO (they are freaky fast, after all). The only reasonable explanation is that J Crew has seen your blog and has hired some sort of corporate fashion spy in order to poach the trendiest of trendy ensembles from your closet. Take it a (creepy) compliment.

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