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While I clearly love a good deal (as evidenced by my entire blog!), thrifting is relatively new to me. I’ve been reading some truly inspiring blogs (Thrift Your Heart Out and Pauper Into Princess , to name two). Seriously, thrifting is no joke! I decided it was time to really get out there and thrift a little. It’s always good to get out of our comfort zones, right?

Seeing as how I’m new to this, I will have a lot more tips to come, but I’ll start with explaining how I felt about the whole process. I found it to be a bit overwhelming because there was so much stuff in the store. It was almost like a warehouse of clothes and other household items.  I loved that everything was all charity driven/donations based.  All of their profits go to a really great cause, including employment in their stores for adults with disabilities.
Because the store was so huge, there was a lot of sifting through pieces that just didn’t work until I found a few gems. And when I say gems, I mean, GEMS. I can’t wait to post about my vintage Diane Von Furstenberg sweater that I got for $4. Anyway, the sweater featured today was a $5 find…but the store was offering coupons that day, so I got it for $4. It was originally approx $70. Not bad, huh?
I’d say this was a great way to try something new. I will definitely be doing this more often and more regularly. Stay tuned for my other finds from that day!


Sweater: thifted ($4)

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($10 marked down from $45)

Shoes: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)

Barrette: Missoni for Target (on sale, approx $3)


Fashion Huntress tips:
I went with a friend of mine who has been thrifting for a long time.  She helped walk me through the process of finding a good thrift store and sifting through deals. Her two best pieces of advice were:
1) “It’s easy to get carried away when thrifting because the prices are so low. Really think about whether you want something before you grab it just because it’s a good deal. Otherwise, it will just sit at home unworn.”
2) “Try things on.” Yep, you sure can try things on right over your clothes in most thrift stores.  In the one we visited, trying things on over your clothes was completely acceptable. The staff didn’t even blink as we tried things on. As a side note, I highly recommend wearing leggings and a t-shirt so that you can easily get things on and off without the bulk of jeans or a sweatshirt underneath when trying things on over your clothes.
My side note: I didn’t bother with trying to clean the pieces I picked up myself. I took them all the dry cleaners and called it a day. Easy peasy.
Anyone else thinking of trying out thrifting? Or those that already are thrifting and loving it?
What an adventure, readers, thanks for hanging on through this one! Thank you, as always, for visiting!


42 replies to “comfy cozy cashmere aka nifty thrifty

  1. I have only just started venturing into thrifting-I’ve been excited by some really great finds. I LOVE that sweater you’re wearing- I’ve been searching for something like that but haven’t found it yet.

  2. I thrift all the time! Where did you go? I live far up north, so I often go to the Unique on Howard/Western or the Sal Army on Devon just west of Damen.

    1. We went all the way up to the Goodwill in the north shore suburbs! It was in Glenview. I think it was well worth the trip! I have not been to the Unique on Howard yet, but the friend I was with mentioned she liked it too! How’s that Sal Army?


      1. The SA on Devon is very big, so you really have a lot to sort through. The last time I was there I got a J. Crew button down and some skinny maroon pants from “Life in Progress” which I guess is Forever 21. I generally find more at the Unique. Going up to Glenview is a great idea!

  3. This makes me want to go thrift shopping this weekend! You always find such amazing deals, that look fantastic on you. I too am new to “thrifting” but I love the hunt, and being willing to walk out empty handed is half the battle. But it’s so worth it when you find that diamond in the rough.

  4. I’ve only done goodwill and found two things (and that was when I had a baby with me so imagine what I could do on my own). What about plato’s closet? Are those still around? Never been

    Love the sweater

  5. Speaking of thrifting, reminds me of hand me downs. I did the reverse. I got an old cubs shirt from my kid nephew (super cuddly and worn) and have paired it with army green pants but now in colder weather also leggings and a casual long sweater…sort of a pop pin’ tags look;)

    1. Haha, Eve! You are too funny! And yes…I think Plato’s Closets still exist! I just love a good charity shop visit because they do so much good work for the community- clearly a cause close to our hearts! I would love to visit a Sal Army with you. We could do some serious huntressing with the two of us and Anne!

  6. Thrifting is very new to me as well. Like you I recently went with a friend who showed me the ropes. I must say I really enjoyed myself and will be posting my great finds very soon. Kudos to you……for stepping out of your comfort zone and because of it….you have the cutest and most cozy sweater. Love the outfit!!!!

  7. You are so sweet 🙂 I admire your blog, so it means a lot that you like mine! I love that you’re getting into thrift shopping. I can’t wait to see more of your finds, especially the DVF sweater 🙂

  8. I don’t thrift as often as I would like to just because it does take a bit of dedication and patience, but I’m always thrilled with my finds. Snagging a really nice item for under $5 is pretty much one of the best feelings in my book.

  9. I absolutely LOVE thrifting – but it can be addictive! Seriously when you keep finding awesome things for cheap, you can have a tendency to buy too much. Which is why I totally agree with your tip – only buy what fits and what you absolutely can’t live without!

  10. beautiful fall outfit and great tips! we love thrift shopping and the best tip we always like to give is to have alot of patience. it often takes alot of browsing to get to the really good stuff!

  11. Your friend gives good tips – I often fall prey to the “but it’s so cheap!” syndrome. Don’t be like me! I’m glad you’ve ventured into thrifting!

  12. I know I have said it before but I have to say it again, I need to steal you to go thrifting, I seriously have the WORST luck! Not to mention, that hair clip is the perfect finishing touch!

    xx Cara

  13. I love thrift shopping. We can always find great treasures there. I think that a lot of my cloth is from a big thrift store from my country.
    You are right with the advise, we can get carry away with small prices, it has happen to me several times.

  14. I love all of the tips included here!! I think most people like thrifting in some way, if they are able to find good places to go! I will definitely be posting the DVF sweater soon, as well as my other finds! More thifting adventures to come 🙂

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