remix and rematch, part 6

Wow, it has been way too long since I’ve posted a remix and rematch post! These posts are all about showing how I’ve been rotating some favorite pieces to refresh outfits and make them look new again. Rotation is a key part of keeping your looks fresh, while still being budget friendly. Today’s picks are a lace dress and a sheer top.

If you want to see my previous editions of remix and rematch, you can click hereherehere, and here.

Lace dress: H&M ($15 marked down from $40)

photo 4 (15)photo 2 (41)photo 3 (7)photo 1 (11)20130930-113614.jpg20130930-113650.jpg

Sheer orange top: Cynthia Rowley at TJ Maxx ($19 marked down from approx $250)


Readers, are you remixing any of your pieces this fall?

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by and remixing with me!

15 replies to “remix and rematch, part 6

  1. I LOVE how you remixed and rematched both items. I’m in lust with both of them, especially the Cynthia Rowley blouse because I have a thing for sheer blouses with tab sleeves😍

  2. The way you styled your dress and shirt makes these pieces look completely different. You almost have to look twice to see that they are the same! 🙂 Also I didn’t buy much this weekend yes, I did shock myself with that one too, I did come across a jacket from Old Navy though, it’s too big so I’ll post about it once I get the right size annnnnd feel like wearing it haha. I need to stop collecting items for my closet.

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