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I’ve pretty much always been a morning person. If you want me to be somewhere at the crack of dawn, I will be there, no problem.  If you want me to be somewhere at midnight, however, you’ll have to carry me while I sleep. As a result of this, you’d think I could easily put together an outfit at 6 am. This, however, is an unrealized dream. My putting together an outfit at 6 am generally results in the following circus:

Me to myself: Okay, okay, theme, theme. How about prom? Making prom dresses work at work. Yes. Brilliant. Boa. I could add a boa. Love it. Taffeta, yes, great, this is working. …okay, this is not working. Okay, new direction. Workout clothes at work. Making a hoodie chic. Yes! I’m really onto something here. Yoga pants at work. Heels. This is it. I’m going to get a fashion award for sure. Hmm what will I wear to the award ceremony? I love Marchesa. I hope I get to meet them one day. Oh my. Hmm yoga chic with heels is a no go. This is a disaster. Ugh. Oh no, I’m behind schedule now. Ugh. Can’t think of anything. Have no clothes. Lost my creative spirit. Shoot. Deep breath. Self, you can do this. …Black skinny dress pants. Button down. Heels. Breathe.

Seriously, the only way to avoid the clothing morning circus is to lay my clothes out the night before, preschool and kindergarten style. Sometimes, we get it right the first time (i.e. the night before), sometimes, we try, try again. This is my try, try again outfit.


Top: Burberry (gift)

Pants: Banana Republic ($20 marked down from approx $90)

Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) One of the most frequent questions I get is in regards to time. Getting dressed does not have to be time consuming, but I do think you have to find a rhythm for what works best for you. My sister and I spent some time over the weekend putting looks together and then photographing them for early morning reference throughout the week, if needed. Apparently our brains function the same in relation to clothes in the morning. Personally, I lay out my clothes the night before and then try them on if I’m not sure if something will work. I know many people also use apps for creating their own look book. These are all great strategies to avoid the morning circus, unless that’s when you’re at your clothing best, unlike me!

2) In the event that I did not prepare the night before, I like to rely on my “fail safe” pieces that include a pair of black skinny dress pants, a pair of black heels, and a black sheath dress. For some reason, I tend to get over complicated when I can’t come up with something and have to remind myself to keep it simple. Pants. Top. Shoes. Easy peasy. If you don’t have these pieces already identified for yourself, it may be worthwhile to pick them out and have them ready, if needed. When in doubt, keep it simple and well tailored.

Anyone else have tips for quick outfit planning? Use any apps?

Thanks for stopping by readers!! I appreciate your support!

31 replies to “try, try again tartan

  1. Love the top! I laughed to myself when you mentioned the morning clothing circus. Been there, done that😅I also do the kindergarten-lay-out-clothes routine. My other fail safe morning items also include black tunic blouse—perfect with black leggings/skinny pants and black semi-fitted boyfriend blazer—perfect outer layer to any top, really. But if all else fails, it’s try, try again😉

  2. Hysterical! We have “fashion shows” at my house… basically I prance around the house in potential outfits and ask for my husband’s opinion. Then, I do the exact opposite of what he suggests. Poor guy – he has good taste, but I never listen! Anyhow, I LOVE this look. It’s simple and refined!

  3. Haha this is great. I lay my clothes out the night before usually right after I get off work. More often than not this takes longer than I would like to admit. 40% of the time I end up waking up the next day not feeling what I picked out the day before. This usually ends in up with the scenario you listed above, my fail safe is a pair of black skinnies too! Normally I am better at picking out outfits the day of mostly because I dress for my mood. Ah getting dressed shouldn’t be this complicated right? Haha but I totes do the whole kindergarten style too right down to the shoes and jewelry. I tell myself it’s for saving time, but let’s be honest it’s because I might forget. Love that shirt!

  4. I love this look. You can do so much with this top. For me it can go either way. Meaning sometimes I can lay my outfit out the night before……but I have recently discovered my best outfits come together when I am in a time crunch. I seem to get really creative and will step out of my fashion comfort zone and be bolder than usual.

  5. I’m also one of those people that needs to lay everything out the night before, or else I will just go with shorts and an old t-shirt (so not fashionable). I love the first shot in this post—it looks like something that came out of a magazine spread!


  6. I am guaranteed to be late if I don’t pick my clothes out the night before too. Dresses are my go to when I can’t think of what to wear or am feeling uninspired. Throw it on, maybe add a belt or necklace, done and done.

  7. Yoga pants at work, now that is brilliant, just have to figure out how to make them work! This whole post made me smile. Loving this top though, such a classic piece!

    xx Cara

  8. Oh I am the opposite, I cannot wake up at 5:30am (although I currently do, I don’t know how haha), but I can be up until midnight. Yes I agree, lay your clothes the night before, if not Ill never get dressed. I’ve been wanting a plaid shirt and I love yours and the shoes. Maybe this weekend Ill find one.


  9. Love that top! I’m totally the same way–it’s hard to make a quick decision about what to wear. Plus, I feel like what you wear is so tied to how you feel, so even though I try to lay out my clothes the day before, I find it hard to stick with the choices I made from before…

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    ❤ Jenn

  10. Great shirt! I love how you are so organised. I am an impulse dresser as i am an impulse shopper too! I think about what i will wear the night before when i get into bed and I usually fall asleep before i get to the shoes!
    A few months ago i set myself a challenge: no new clothes, rock what youve got and no repeat outfits. I photographed my outfits each day and that became a good reference if i was stuck for inspiration. The No New Clothes rule lasted for 2 months but man, did I make up for it after!! 😉

  11. “Keep it simple” is my new motto for getting through work weeks! Did you ever read about fashion designers and notice they always wear black everything? They often have the same black tee shirts or button downs and it becomes like a uniform. I say, if it works do it often and safe yourself the pressure. Nothing worse than a getting-ready-sweat-session, haha! Great post! x

    1. Yes! I completely agree- I think we all have versions of our “uniform.” Even when I look through my posts, I see trends in what I wear and what I feel most comfortable in. Sometimes it’s best to just go back to the basics, right? 🙂

      1. Yes! And you know what else is fabulous about knowing exactly what you love on yourself? You spend less money buying things that are just plain wrong for you and will sit in your closet forever! 🙂

  12. You have rocked it again! Love the tartan top and how clean and chic this outfit is…in fashion, as long as you love what you are wearing, there really isnt a rule to live and love by.. 🙂

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