happily halloween


Happy Halloween, readers! While there’s no dressing up at work, I couldn’t help but wear an orange and black ensemble today to celebrate the holiday. I also celebrated by eating festive Halloween candy at my desk. I mean, it’s only right to celebrate a holiday focused on candy by eating candy, right? I will also be watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” tonight. Talk about a party.

Chocolate? Check. Charlie Brown? Check. Pumpkin seeds and squash? Check. Black and orange ensemble? Double check. That’s definitely happily Halloween to me.

Pants: Gap ($10 marked down from $50)

Denim shirt: Forever 21 ($20)

Moto fleece: Gap ($40 marked down from $70)

Bow belt: Target ($8)

Shoes: Sofft at Nordstrom Rack (approx $40 marked down from approx $120)

Bag: Coach
Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’m not sure if anyone remembers these pants from the ill-fitting post a few weeks ago. If you do, I’m impressed! Either way, the moral of that post was that the lovely orange pants require a belt. This time, I was prepared  by actually leaving my house with a belt. They do look a bit menswear-inspired due to their fit (hence the belt), so I tucked in my top to show more shape.  I then added heels to the look. Lastly, I slightly rolled up the cuffs of the pants to show more of the shoes. If you’re wearing something with a loose fitting shape (such as slouchy pants), consider adding something with a bit more shape to balance out the look.

2) Ankle pants were very popular this spring and summer. I thought I would have to store them all fall and winter! I wasn’t completely sure how they would transition for fall and winter, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I actually cuffed these pants to show off more of the shoe, thus making the cropped style seem intentional, even in cooler weather. I think cropped pants definitely work for fall and winter, especially when the rest of the ensemble is clearly a cool weather look (think scarves, sweaters, fleece, tights, etc). 

Anyone else wearing cropped pants this fall? How are you styling them?

Happy Halloween, readers! Thank you for stopping by, as always!!

super studded and shiny


When I see pieces like a tartan, studded, poofy shouldered flannel in the clearance section, I just can’t imagine why anyone would pass it up. I also marvel at my luck while huntressing.

Wearing studded pieces at work was a definite goal of mine, though many of the studded pieces I’ve seen aren’t really conservative work appropriate. Enter: tartan, studded, poofy shouldered flannel. Oh yes, readers, I was able to check this goal off my list. …and yes, I sure do have fashion goals! Fashion metaphor for the week: dream big and set big goals. It is possible to be super studded and shiny at work and still manage to look completely appropriate. Dreams do come true.


Top: Marshall’s ($12 marked down from approx $50)

Pants: Banana Republic ($90, the full price pants that everyone comments on!)

Shoes: Vince Camuto via Marshall’s ($25 marked down from $100)

Scarf: Gap ($15 marked down from approx $25)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Per usual, I was searching through all of the clearance racks at Marshall’s and found the gold kitten heels in the wrong size section. They seemed a bit holiday to me due to the gold, but no one else seemed to think that! Thus, I’ll be wearing them year round but especially November-January! Some shoes are definitely seasonal (sandals, for those of us who live in climates that get quite cold). However, many shoes can be transitioned through the seasons. Who can forget the gorgeous open heels and socks look from Burberry? If you’re trying to transition your heels or peep toe shoes, check out Pinterest for great inspiration. 

2) It was not easy to find something studded that was work appropriate, but I definitely managed to find something after looking around for a few weeks.  If you like a trend, but are unsure whether it works for a conservative work space, think about incorporating it in a small way. The studs on this shirt are a small detail, and the rest of the shirt is definitely conservative. The key to incorporating “edgy” trends at work is moderation!

Back at home now, readers! I will try and get my San Diego hat store post up by tomorrow. Thank you so much for stopping by!


california dreaming


Hello, lovely readers and fellow huntresses! My apologies for delays on posts this week! I am out in sunny California for work and a mini vacation.

Believe it or not, I pride myself on being a light packer when traveling. I think all the years of my parents telling me, “just remember, you’ll be carrying this around with you from city to city” really sunk in and I’ve shied away from overpacking. Admittedly, there have been a few under-packing moments- including one year when I forgot to pack pajamas. But anyway, on this trip I was working and touring (and not under or overpacking!). My outfits had to transition from one activity to another and in one carry on!

Here’s how I styled my work look.


Later in the day, I transitioned into my tourist look.


Top: Express (approx $11 marked down from $30)
Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)
Bag: Cole Haan ($30 marked down from $300)
Red necklace: Nordstrom Rack (approx $5 marked down from approx $20)
Gold necklace: Forever 21 ($1.50)

Work look
Pants: Banana Republic ($90. Sigh. Full price. But, if you’ve read about my pants postings before, sometimes you have to just get pants when they fit and you find them!)
Shoes: Sofft at Nordstrom Rack (approx $40 marked down from approx $120)

Touring look
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack ($20)
Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I love a cross-body bag for travel. For safety, I like having my bag across my chest when traveling, and I love the weight distribution for long hours of carrying it! When I found this blue Cole Haan bag (and what a steal for $30!), I knew I would use it a ton, but especially for travel. The purse was formal enough for dinners and work wear, but also was easily dressed down with jeans. The blue is also surprisingly versatile. It added a pop of color when I was wearing black and white, and naturally looks great with jeans.

2) Light packing for travel is essential to me. I have no patience for checking bags and lugging heavy bags around! As a result, I have not checked a bag in years. I like to pack items that can be dressed up or down, like my peplum top and cardigan. I generally pick one or two accent colors to wear on my trip and then pack neutrals. I picked red and blue to be my accent colors on this trip, and then the rest of my pieces were black and white: black skirt for dinners, black pants for work, black and white tops to wear with the cardigan. Light packing while still looking fashionable is definitely doable!

Thanks for stopping by readers! One more California post to come! We stopped by a hat shop that I can’t wait to share in my next post! Have a great week-

comfy cozy cashmere aka nifty thrifty


While I clearly love a good deal (as evidenced by my entire blog!), thrifting is relatively new to me. I’ve been reading some truly inspiring blogs (Thrift Your Heart Out and Pauper Into Princess , to name two). Seriously, thrifting is no joke! I decided it was time to really get out there and thrift a little. It’s always good to get out of our comfort zones, right?

Seeing as how I’m new to this, I will have a lot more tips to come, but I’ll start with explaining how I felt about the whole process. I found it to be a bit overwhelming because there was so much stuff in the store. It was almost like a warehouse of clothes and other household items.  I loved that everything was all charity driven/donations based.  All of their profits go to a really great cause, including employment in their stores for adults with disabilities.
Because the store was so huge, there was a lot of sifting through pieces that just didn’t work until I found a few gems. And when I say gems, I mean, GEMS. I can’t wait to post about my vintage Diane Von Furstenberg sweater that I got for $4. Anyway, the sweater featured today was a $5 find…but the store was offering coupons that day, so I got it for $4. It was originally approx $70. Not bad, huh?
I’d say this was a great way to try something new. I will definitely be doing this more often and more regularly. Stay tuned for my other finds from that day!


Sweater: thifted ($4)

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($10 marked down from $45)

Shoes: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)

Barrette: Missoni for Target (on sale, approx $3)


Fashion Huntress tips:
I went with a friend of mine who has been thrifting for a long time.  She helped walk me through the process of finding a good thrift store and sifting through deals. Her two best pieces of advice were:
1) “It’s easy to get carried away when thrifting because the prices are so low. Really think about whether you want something before you grab it just because it’s a good deal. Otherwise, it will just sit at home unworn.”
2) “Try things on.” Yep, you sure can try things on right over your clothes in most thrift stores.  In the one we visited, trying things on over your clothes was completely acceptable. The staff didn’t even blink as we tried things on. As a side note, I highly recommend wearing leggings and a t-shirt so that you can easily get things on and off without the bulk of jeans or a sweatshirt underneath when trying things on over your clothes.
My side note: I didn’t bother with trying to clean the pieces I picked up myself. I took them all the dry cleaners and called it a day. Easy peasy.
Anyone else thinking of trying out thrifting? Or those that already are thrifting and loving it?
What an adventure, readers, thanks for hanging on through this one! Thank you, as always, for visiting!


happy (layered) hearts


Transitioning my summer clothes to fall clothes is one of those tasks that initially can seem daunting but ends up being a real joy. It’s kind-of like cleaning my closet, but that’s a whole other post.

Anyway, there I was musing over how to make my silk heart Marc Jacobs dress work for fall. I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around it until I thought, “just add leggings and boots.” Ah yes, the ‘keep it simple’ approach. Voila. This dress is totally fall fashion worthy and brings about an air of coziness- happy layered hearts.

I see that I have stumbled upon another fashion blogging metaphor for life, huh? Some tasks seem so daunting at first. But, then you complete the task and are wondering what your fuss was all about. I know they say that fashion imitates art, but I can’t help but wonder if fashion imitates life too.

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs via consignment ($23 marked down from $300)

Top: H&M ($10 marked down from approx $20)

Sweater: Marshall’s ($20 marked down from $50)

Leggings: Old Navy ($10)

Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) To me, this dress really does not seem like a fall and winter dress in terms of its airiness and silk; I also found this dress in summer, so it was displayed as a summer dress. However, it was really easy to transition it into a fall look.

Here’s how I wore this dress in spring and summer

20130722-145322.jpgphoto 1

By adding leggings, boots and a sweater, the dress was ready for cooler weather.  I also added a long sleeve t-shirt underneath the dress, which added warmth (for me), and the look of cooler weather.  Another way to transition this dress would be with tights and flats. The possibilities are endless, and most dresses can definitely be transitioned simply by adding or subtracting layers.

2) Consignment shopping is one of my newer favorite things. You literally never know what you will find! You can see in the spring and summer looks that I belted this dress. The dress is a little big in the torso area, but otherwise fits perfectly.  Consignment shopping can mean variability in fits and sizing.  By adding a belt in spring and summer, I kept the dress looking tailored.  For my fall look, I really did not need a belt due to multiple layers and a looser fitting look.  If you prefer not to belt things, you can always consider layering and going for a loose fitting look. If you like to belt pieces, the fall look could have easily had a black belt over the dress and under the sweater for a more fitted look.

Anyone else transiting their seemingly solely summer dresses into cooler weather? Do you have any tips for the transition?

Happy mid-week readers, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in the fashion adventures!

(glitter) fancy in fall


Okay, I think anyone who reads this blog (or has seen my kitchen) knows that I am pretty much obsessed with fall fashion and fall snacks. I probably need a pumpkin intervention. That’s right. My name is the Fashion Huntress, and I’m obsessed with all things fall.

You can only imagine how I feel when I get to wear my favorite fall coat (orange, of course), flannels and matching orange socks (middle school style). Well, I kicked it up a notch this fall with…wait for it…are you ready?

Fall glitter and brown suede brogues.

(Cut to me: swooning, reaching for pumpkin coffee, sitting back to soak in all that fall has to offer, and eating a pumpkin biscotti)

Don’t try and stop this fashion train. It’s already left the station, and I am not planning to get off the fall/pumpkin train until at least Thanksgiving.  And then, don’t you worry, I’ll be ALL about winter holiday wear (and snacks).


Flannel: H&M ($20 marked down from $25)

Striped top: Gap (approx $15 marked down from approx $30)

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack ($20)

Coat: Gap (approx $25 marked down from approx $70)

Socks: Gap ($1 marked down from approx $5)

Shoes: Not Rated via Marshall’s ($19 marked down from $40)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) These shoes were a real find in the clearance section of Marshall’s. A lot of times the shoes in that section are one season behind.  However, I found a number of boots and brogues in the clearance section during my last visit.  I think they may have been passed up because it’s a bit hard to conceptualize (at least for me) how you might wear a pair of glittery brogues. If you’re asking yourself, “where would I not wear them?” then I commend you! Skinny jeans, dress pants, colored jeans, and tweed skirts are going to look great with these shoes. If you see something you like when you are shopping, but aren’t sure how to wear it, consider walking around the store holding pieces up to each other. And always, always, try things on! These looked way too small for me, but ended up fitting perfectly! You just never know unless you try things on.

2) I love clearance shopping for shoes. (Are you surprised?) One of my tricks is to look through at least one half size down and one half size up from my regular shoe size.  First, many shoes end up getting placed in the wrong section when people are trying things on and putting them back. Second, different shoes/brands have different fits and you may find that smaller/bigger sizes fit you perfectly.  I’ve also read that many people look in the juniors section for shoes, or even in the kids section, as some of the bigger “kid” sizes convert over to small adult shoe sizes.  It sounds time consuming, but I find that I can get through most small  clearance shoe sections in approx 10-15 minutes. I found the shoes pictured here in the wrong size section and would have missed them otherwise!

Does anyone else have sale shoe shopping tips? Are you wearing brogues this fall too?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my fashion adventures, readers!

printed pajamas and puddles


I don’t know how many of you readers have seen About a Boy with Hugh Grant, but I happen to love that movie. There’s a great scene where the boy finds himself singing out loud at school, “hanging around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Now, that song isn’t exactly cheerful (understatement), but that scene is hysterical. Don’t we all want to sing out loud in public sometimes? No? Just me?

Anyway, I swear I’m going somewhere with this.

Rainy days really don’t get me down. I happen to love them. But ever since that movie, I always think of that scene on rainy days. They make me want to cozy up and watch that movie all over again. Too bad that rainy days don’t just happen on the weekends. Thus, I am constantly challenging myself to wear something cozy to work, but still chic so that rainy days never get me down.  I bring a little of home with me when I’m layered up and wearing my pajama trend pants. There’s nothing getting me down about wearing pajamas at work, especially on a rainy day.


Denim shirt: Forever 21 ($20)

Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($5 marked down from approx $50)

Belt: Urban Outfitters ($5 marked down from approx $25)

Daytime kitten heels: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)

20131017-214510.jpg 20131017-214532.jpg

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) This is an outfit that I definitely questioned when I was getting dressed because I kept thinking of the pants as “pajamas.” I had to remind myself to treat them like a printed pant, because that’s exactly what they are despite their more pajama-like feel.  A few people even asked me what material they were and if they were silk. It can be hard not to overthink things when getting dressed, especially when wearing something a bit out of our comfort zone. When trying out new trends, try to keep the rest of your outfit (and thought process) simple. The result will be a good mix between “trendy” and classic. 

2) In terms of styling, I also tend to get stuck on wearing black shoes with a blue outfit. I have no idea why but I seem to have made a mental note at some point that you can’t wear black with blue! Where do we get these rules?! For this outfit, I wore three shades of blue (denim shirt, cardigan, pants) but anchored the look with the black belt and black shoes. I often blog about forgetting rules and wearing what you love. Pajamas at work? Black and blue? Black and brown? Silver and gold? Why not try to break a few of your own “rules?” 

Side note about the pants. Seriously, Ann Taylor Loft final sale. $5. I cannot blog about that sale rack enough. I find serious gems there. 

Anyone else have a rainy day outfit? Are you also loving pajama pants at work?

Thanks for stopping by, lovely readers! Happy Sunday!