marvelous (vintage) muumuu


Some days, you just feel like wearing a muummuu, right? Or is this just me?

Even if I stand alone on this one, I love a good vintage muummuu. In the below photos, you can see how giant this dress is and then how different it looks once it’s belted. And seriously, the unbelted photo really doesn’t convey how truly muumuu this dress is.


Here’s how I accessorized my 1960s house dress.  I love the front and back panel of the coordinating fabric.


Dress: vintage ($50)

Belt: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker ($9) (I know, I know, I’ve said it before, but I miss that collection!)

Shoes: BC at Urban Outfitters (they are so old, I can’t even remember the price! Approx $30 on sale)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’m by no means a vintage expert, but I am buying more vintage pieces lately and really enjoying it.  One thing I have noticed is I’ve gone into a few vintage shops and found dresses with no tags, no markers of dates, and a staff’s inability to explain how the dress was acquired.  Maybe it’s just me, but I was a bit cynical in those shops.  It seems a bit odd to charge $100+ for a dress that may or may not even be vintage in the first place! As a result of this, I’ve tried to stick with shops that can approximate the date on the dress(ex: 1960/70s house coat)  and/or how it was acquired (ex: estate sale). However, because I’m not an expert in this (yet!), I say go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable when shopping vintage and look for reputable shops.

Here is an InStyle article that reviews more vintage shopping tips.

2) Vintage, and dress shopping in generally, can mean somewhat varied fits in dresses.  This dress looks really different belted than it does without a belt. When I shop consignment and vintage, I generally wear a tank top, and carry a belt in my bag in case there isn’t one in the store.  If you think carrying a belt is too bulky for your purse ( my purse has been called a mini suitcase), then consider carrying a ribbon with you to serve as a makeshift belt.

I’d love for readers to chime in with their vintage shopping tips! Anyone have any great tips?

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

18 replies to “marvelous (vintage) muumuu

  1. What a fun vintage find! I love the the color and print…and can totally see you wearing it both ways. And once it cools down, it would look so good with boots and a chunky cardigan 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the muumuu love 🙂 Love that you belted it plus the color is wonderful.
    Like you, I’ve recently been exploring in the vintage arena and I love it!!

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