pajama party


After months of seeing the ‘pajama’ look everywhere, I decided it was time to give this look a try. I was even more convinced when I found of pair of these pants for $5 at Ann Taylor Loft. I mean, you really can’t go wrong at that price. And frankly, I never need an excuse to wear anything that has the comfort of pajamas at work.

Here is the resulting pajama party look.


My girlfriend did stop me from wearing the pants with the drawstring exposed. We both agreed it took the look a little too far for work. For real, it was confusing. You couldn’t tell what was going on with my outfit. But, the little detail of tucking it in/hiding the drawstring made all the difference.

Exhibit A:


Tucked in drawstring, Exhibit B:


Jacket: Gap ($40 marked down from $70)

Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($12 marked down from approx $35)

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($5 marked down from approx $50)

Shoes: Nine West ($6 marked down from approx $100 via consignment)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) If you’re going to wear what looks like pajama pants to work (and I fully support that, by the way), then definitely wear formal shoes! I went with a very feminine pointy toe ankle strap heel to ensure that I was wearing a formal shoe with these more casual pants. Additionally, exposing the drawstring just didn’t make sense in this outfit, but would be totally fine outside of work. I like to think about how to adapt trends for the work setting, as you know, and I think this trend is definitely work appropriate with very slight modifications and thoughtful styling.

2) Ann Taylor pants = amazing lately. I’ve noticed some size variation between the different styles, but have been able to find a lot of great pants on sale there. Sale pants are an extra 40% off now:, which makes them very affordable and easy to try out trends. I find it pretty difficult to find pants online because of the variability in sizing, but they do have a search function online (as do many stores) to find the style you want “in store” to ensure you don’t waste a trip looking for them in the store if they are sold out.

Anyone else loving pajamas at work? Are snuggies next? Just kidding. How about we stick with chic pajamas for work.

Thanks for stopping by readers; I love the support of my fellow blogging bffs and readers!!

21 replies to “pajama party

  1. More $5 items from the Loft? I can’t believe it! I’m still in love with that Gap jacket. They didn’t have my size at my local Gap… booo! I love that you added pointed pumps here – super chic!

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