workin’ for (and during) the weekend



Well, readers, it’s the time again. Sunday night means returning to work tomorrow. As you know, I don’t normally post my weekend clothes, as this blog is dedicated mostly to budget friendly work attire.  However, I actually work weekends and because I work in a private office on the weekends, I tend to wear much more casual attire than I do the rest of the week.  I have not, however, ever worn a sweatshirt to my weekend work…until this weekend.

Why start now, you ask? Well, readers, one simple answer: sequins.

Exhibit A:



While I was having a sequin party at work, why not add printed jeans?

Exhibit B:



I know, it’s almost like I was having too much fun between the sequined sweatshirt and printed jeans, right? Well, I was workin’ for (and during) the weekend!




Sequined sweatshirt: Old Navy ($15 marked down from $20)

Jeans: Old Navy ($30)

Shoes: Minnetonka at Old Navy ($17 marked down from $45)



Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I don’t wander into Old Navy too frequently, but they have great staples there. I shied away from their pants in the past because they didn’t seem to fit well.  However, I decided that it’s one of those stores that have sizes that are not really representative of sizes in most other stores.  If you’re looking for a trendy pair of pants that may go out of style quickly, then definitely consider going somewhere like Old Navy or H&M.  But, if you’re at Old Navy, throw all sense of sizing out the window! Once I did, I found a pair that fit perfectly. Also, they have really great sales online.  These pants, along with a ton of other printed pants, are on sale now.

2) Somehow, sequins seem to make sweatshirts that much more “appropriate” for public usage. I’ve always embraced wearing sweatshirts around on the weekends, but sequins do make them look, I’ll say it, even a bit classy. There are a ton of places to find these sweatshirts lately; I’ve seen them in most chain stores. And, of all the DIY fashion there is, bedazzling a sweatshirt is one of those projects that you actually could easily complete. Sequins? Hot glue gun? Easy peasy. 

Readers, what do you think? Are sequined sweatshirts an upgrade for weekend wear? Are you embracing this trend?

Happy Monday, readers! Hope everyone has a good start to the week!


43 replies to “workin’ for (and during) the weekend

  1. The glam sweatshirt looks seems to be an up-and-coming trend so I think you’re leading the way. It is definitely something we will see more of. I was reading about pairing sweatshirt tops and skirts with heels for work ware, it might take me a little bit before I wander into this trend but I love it for the weekend especially! Love your moccasins.

    1. Hmm, I like the idea of it for work, but I’m not sure if I could pull it off at my office. If it’s possible, you know I’ll totally do it! I think this is a great trend; sequins totally classy up sweatshirts so we can all wear them proudly now :)!

      1. YES! I love this idea!! Please post it when you do it! Maybe then I’ll work up the courage to try mine too! I’m already doing sweaters over denim, so how much different would a sequined sweatshirt really be?? 🙂 xoxo!!

  2. This whole outfit is SO me! Crewneck sweatshirts are kind of my favorite things ever and those jeans look just like this new chambray shirt I just bought a few weeks back – love them! Hahah oh and don’t even get me started on the mocs… I wear mine EVERYWHERE. Like to the point where it’s just becoming borderline inappropriate. #sorrynotsorry
    I’m a big fan of the weekend looks, I say keep posting them! 😀

    j. parker

    1. Seriously, my mocs are no joke, the most comfortable shoes I own. I’ve decided it’s basically like wearing slippers around in public. I don’t know why I didn’t get some before! I think they could work at work too, but the weather really wasn’t cool enough until now. I’m glad it’s not just me with the moc obsession…and sweats obsession. As soon as I get home, I ALWAYS put on my most comfortable clothing. It’s only right, right!? xo

    1. Thanks!! I agree, the jeans were a good find. I’m glad I finally gave up on sizing because, seriously, I couldn’t figure out why the sizes were all weird at Old Navy and I couldn’t find the polka dot jeans anywhere else!! xo

  3. Haha, I should have read your post before my epic battle with a pair of Old Navy skinnies as I posted about today!! Too funny. Love your weekend work look and the sweatshirt is having a majorly sophisticated moment – well played, huntress! xx

    1. Haha! When I read your post on skinny jeans, I was totally cracking up. It’s just so stressful trying to squeeze into pants; it’s my least favorite shopping task, which says a lot because you know I LOVE to shop! 🙂 I’m glad we both ended up powering through and finding a pair we love!! xo

    1. Yes, I actually hadn’t gotten pants there in years. But, I kept looking for polka dot jeans and couldn’t find them anywhere, so when I saw them at Old Navy, I decided to try their pants again. Let me know if you find any there that you like!

    1. I didn’t know that! You could still try the pants and see how it goes, especially in the skinny styles. I’m 5’4, so I often wear petite clothes and their standard pants ended up fitting well, though some of the other pants there are way too long!

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