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It seems as though the heat wave is finally coming to an end here. I decided to just roll with the weather and embrace my summer clothes for one more day.

I pulled out my favorite retro-looking Nanette Lepore summer dress. My mom pointed out that I hadn’t posted on it yet and would lose my chance once the weather turned. Good point. So, I rolled with it. (See the theme here?)

I wore a cami underneath because it’s a bit too low cut for work without it. I then added orange flats because you know I love to mismatch, readers. Lastly, I added a statement necklace. I was recently in my friend’s wedding who gave us these beautiful necklaces from Ann Taylor to wear with our bridesmaid dresses. I love the combination of the size, mixed materials, and shine.


For inside the office, I wore my jean blazer, which looked less casual when worn with the more formal necklace.


With the jacket, you obviously cannot see the back of the dress, but it has a great cutout detail.


Even though I’ve been complaining about the heat, my ‘roll with it’ retro look was so fun to wear. By the time I left work, the temperature had dropped to sweatshirt weather. Maybe Mother Nature just wanted me to roll with it after all. Hmm…could that be a broader metaphor for life…? Wise women, those mothers…

(Below, me trying to roll with the photo shoot) 🙂


Dress: Nanette Lepore at Nordstrom Rack ($100 marked down from approx $350)

Shoes: Dolce Vita at Bloomingdale’s outlet ($17 marked down from $100)

Tank top: Mango (approx $10 marked down from approx $25)

Jacket: Lux at Urban Outfitters (approx $10 marked down from approx $60)

Necklace: Ann Taylor (gift)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Once again, I find myself talking about transitioning summer clothes in my tips. This particular dress is clearly a summer dress, but I made it work with jewel toned/darker flats and my jean jacket. I’m guessing I could try and transition it further into fall with tights, but that might be a stretch due to the colors, style, and material. Most clothes can be transitioned, but there are also a few pieces that I like pulling out after they have been hibernating through winter. In that way, they always retain some of their newness.

2) Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite discount stores, in general. However, I love it even more when I’m looking for designer clothes at a good price. I wouldn’t have bought this dress full price, but on sale, it seemed like a good investment. It can be challenging to find designer pieces on ‘super sale,’ but you can consider investing in pieces that you know you will wear for more than a year or two. I know I’ll have this dress for years to come. I like to consider Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, and/or the Bloomingdales Outlet for these types of purchases.

Readers, anyone else still experiencing a heatwave? If so, what are you wearing these days?

Thanks for stopping by, my lovely readers!

42 replies to “roll with it retro

    1. Thank you! I like the deeper neckline, but it’s definitely too deep for work!! The color of the tank underneath wasn’t my favorite, but I couldn’t find the cooler I wanted to wear that morning!! It happens, right? Probably time to dig up and clean out my closet… 😉

  1. You know this dress calls out to me…with its bright colors, open back, and floral print!! I do love Nanette Lepore so :). Yea…lets just roll with the hot weather…I know I’ll be sorry in the winter when I’m stuck under a foot of snow 😛

    1. Haha! I know I will be totally unimpressed when the snow comes and we are digging our way out- but that’s how Chicagoans are about our weather! Let’s face it, we get about 2-3 good months of weather here! And yes, I totally love Nanette Lepore!!

  2. I like the shoe you added to this look. It gives it an “I’m on the edge of fall” feel. The dress might also be work well as a skirt if you add a charcoal cardigan & wide belt. Nanette Lepore is one of my favorites! I have a couple of her dresses. They’re summery and I tend to forget about them! You’ve inspired me to work them into my transitional wardrobe.

    1. Yes, that’s exactly why I picked those shoes! We are on the same wavelength 🙂 Great idea about a charcoal sweater and belt. I think that would be a good option. Now I just need a charcoal sweater…hmm… 😉 Time to go look for one!! Thanks for the lovely idea!

    1. Thanks, girl! I LOVE my old faithful denim blazer. Seriously, I’ve had it forever but I still love it as much as when I got it! Denim never really goes out of style, thankfully, because it’s my favorite 🙂

    1. I wasn’t really into retro until a couple of years ago when I started shopping vintage. Once I started, I realized how addictive and fun it is. The first retro dress I ever had totally helped ease me into retro and vintage 🙂 Glad you were inspired!!!

  3. Love the cut out in your dress. I agree if it seems like something I can get a good wear out of I will invest in a good outfit. When I stepped outside today I immediately thought of you because I was like hmm I wonder what Fashion Huntress is going to wear today because it’s finally cooling down. Yay fall! Haha, I got a summery piece in today also, I also paired my outfit with a jacket, but I didn’t take pictures as it was very last minute and I was running out the door trying to make it to work on time. Do you take most of your pictures at work?

    1. Aww that is so sweet!! I appreciate that! And yes, I do, my officemate is seriously amazing because she takes almost all of my photos when we take a quick break to get some fresh air!! Not sure what we will do in winter yet…I guess all indoor photos!

      1. That’s a nice set-up, I’m thinking I might have to get a tripod for more pics, sometimes my boyfriend will snap a pic or two if he’s around. Snowy pictures are beautiful as well, if you’re willing to stand in the cold for a few minutes, creates a dramatic effect. Otherwise that large hallway glass wall section always looks nice.

      2. Yes, I agree- one of the hardest tasks is basically having someone who is willing to snap a few photos nearly every day. I’ve thought about a tripod as well! I don’t mind standing in the cold if there’s at least a few good shots to use!

  4. Your mother was right! It is a very cute Summer dress. And what a good deal you got on it. Nanette Lepore is one of my favorite designers! I was doing the same for the last few days I was trying to wear a Summer dress that I haven’t wore all Summer but I am ready for Fall. What about you?

    1. I’m SOOOOO ready for fall. I feel much more comfortable in layers than I do in dresses without leggings or tights. But, I do try and put those feelings aside and just roll with the heat when it gets bad here in Chicago! I also love Nanette Lepore…I wish I had more of her pieces, but I just have to keep an eye out for the deals 🙂

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