(not really) waxing and waning in white


Not too surprising for Chicago weather, we are experiencing a heat wave right now. And by heat wave, I mean highs in the 90s. You can imagine my dismay at how this impacts cozy fall fashion. While it is after Labor Day, this summer-looking outfit is actually totally fitting for the current weather.

With my white pants, I wore one of my favorite tops from Anthropologie. The pattern is a wonderful watercolor-like tunic with pockets (love!).  I then added a belt to show some shape.


Bright yellow cut-out shoes were a nice pop of color against the white pants.


I had one more pop of color with my nails. The polish is DJ Play That Song by Essie. I did add glitter on each of my pointer fingers because, really, glitter just brightens nails, and the day in general.


My “I’m not really waxing and waning, I’m wearing white” outfit was complete!


Top: Anthropologie (approx $20 marked down from approx $60)

Pants: Banana Republic (gifted from my sister)

Shoes: Gap ($12 marked down from $40)

Belt: Ann Taylor ($13 marked down from $30)


Fashion Huntress tips
1) Oh, Anthropologie. Anthro is one of the few stores I walk in and literally love it all. What I don’t love about Anthro is the prices! However, their quality, I have found, is excellent. The pieces really hold up to wear and tear, and manage to look brand new. I generally go straight to their sale section, but it can still be pricey. I think the best time to go is when they have their big clearances. I find these times to be around the turn of the season sales.

I think Mod Cloth and Urban Outfitters can be good proxies for the type of clothing that Anthro carries, though Urban can be a bit ‘punk’ in comparison. Both options, however, have great price points, while not sacrificing quality at all.

2) I am someone who will wear white after Labor Day, especially when it’s almost 100 degrees in September. I think this outfit is a nice transitional outfit with the long sleeve tunic, so the white pants don’t look too out of place. You guys know my general rule is where what you love, which doesn’t leave too much room for any strict fashion rules. If you want to transition something through a season, most pieces can be transitioned. I’ve seen some great transitions of adding long sleeves under dresses, adding leggings, swapping out sandals for closed toed shoes, etc. 

Readers, what do you think about wearing white after Labor Day? Do? Don’t? Who cares about “rules?”

Thanks for stopping by, readers!

PS- shout out for support!

Versatile Blogger AwardLaward

I want to say thank you to the lovely bloggers for nominating me for awards this week! I have received these awards in the past, so regret that I cannot accept again, but I very appreciate all of the support from these lovely bloggers. And thank you, readers, for supporting my fashion blogging dream!!

Thanks again to Beauty VancouverRoad2BeautyNot So Vague Vogue, and Desert Days !!

45 replies to “(not really) waxing and waning in white

  1. Such a timely post! I was just contemplating wearing a white skirt and then realized it was after Labor Day. But I totally agree with you- as long as you look good and feel good who cares about fashion “rules”- especially during a heat wave!

  2. I think the “no white after Labor Day” is rather archaic. With the shift in our seasons it’s more “summer like” in September than in June, love your outfit, totally appropriate.

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  3. I say throw out those old rules…..wear what you want as long as you look “FABULOUS”. Great outfit…….I have a question for you…..how many pairs of shoes do you have?…..lol

  4. Love your outfit, completely agree that white is fair game after Labor Day, and have to give you major props on the adorable belt that pulls it all together!! Stay cool, love 🙂

  5. Anthropologie is my favorite store. I love almost everything there but it is a little pricey. I always go to the sale rack too! I don’t follow those fashion rules and I wear white after Labor Day!

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