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Well, readers, I’m not 100% sure how this works, but The Fashion Huntress is now on Twitter! My Twitter feed is now on this homepage, and it only took me an hour (or so) to figure it out! You can also follow me @HuntressFashion. Umm, doesn’t it sound like I know what I’m talking about? TA DA!

Here goes nothing!

32 replies to “trending with twitter

    1. Is it weird that I’m kind-of excited? Is this free reign to just make random sartorial fashion comments as I please? …I fear that could get out of control pretty quickly…btw, I just followed you back. I learned how to do that! Wha? FANCY!

    1. YAY! Okay…I tried to follow you on bloglovin, but I can’t figure it out! I told you guys, I can struggle with these things. Do you have a link so I can follow now that you switched to blogger? Thanks! xo

    1. Thanks! I’m not totally convinced I’m clever enough for Twitter/tweeting (so few characters, and I can be verbose), but I am going to give it the ole’ college try. I love that your partner in crime is a tweet expert…I may need some help!!

  1. Welcome my Dear ! As soon as I made the blog, I also arranged a Twitter account but still I haven’t found out how exactly it works. I do send the posts viaTwitter as well , but still I don’t get any feed back or say I can’t find any. Perhaps , we should try to find each other .

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