let’s get legit, part 2

Alright readers, time for another “let’s get legit” post where I huntress my way through couture looks to find a budget-friendly option.  You can read my first ‘let’s get legit’ post here.

For this posting, I’m writing about one of my favorite trends: lace!  One of these tops is by Juicy Couture, one is by H&M.

Can you pick out which is which?


This is a tough one, right? I thought so!

Here we go:


photo courtesy of ShopBop, edits by me


photo courtesy of H&M.com, edits by me

I found the H&M version of the lace top on sale for $5! Personally, I have not had a ton of luck with the quality of Juicy Couture items.  I like their designs, but have been disappointed in the quality.  These may have all been odd coincidences, but I vote for the $5 version from H&M on this one.  While it may not be the norm, the chain store top may be the higher quality item this time!

Side note, as I am sure you heard, H&M is now online: http://www.hm.com/us/

Stay tuned for my next post where I show how I styled this top!

What do you think, readers? Could you tell the difference? Happy weekend and thanks for reading!


41 thoughts on “let’s get legit, part 2

  1. Love, Love, Love that is a great look for less. I love your taste. I recently purchased a similar lace top like this from Target for $15 and put it on my post called Mixing the Old with the new…..I would love for you to tell me if you think it’s close to the Juicy Couture look. I have to say you “ALWAYS” find the absolutely best prices with out sacrificing quality. Great Job as always!!!!!

  2. Thank you for this post! First, I could not have guessed which was which. Second, I have had the same experience with multiple pieces from Juicy Couture…very disappointing when you decide to splurge. Thanks again -love this blog!

  3. Haha, you totally got me, huntress dear!! Love this H&M top and can’t wait to see how you style it. (I was freaking when H&M finally got online) And I agree with sewloveable – your skills and taste are spot on, love!! xo

  4. There is no difference between two of them, maybe only brand or maybe different quality, online shopping sometimes can be tricky:) I love actually lace top, it’s always elegance and feminine! Are you going to buy ? I would like to have black and white:)

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