(keeping it) together in turquoise



“no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.” regina brett

I’ve been feeling so disorganized lately, but one thing that I try to keep constant is at least the appearance of organization! Though the skirt was a bit wrinkled by the end of the day (as you can see in the photo), I did look a bit more organized than I felt.

To combat my scattered feeling, I wore one of my favorite silk tops from Banana Republic with a gray pencil skirt, and a mini jacket. I added my necklace that I call my “Little Mermaid” necklace because I think Ariel would proudly wear it (at least on land).


I added my gray bow shoes to pull the whole look together.


My finishing touch was a flower pin in my hair because it was so hot and humid outside, I figured pulling my hair back was the best option to camouflage frizzy hair (sort-of worked!).


My keeping it together in turquoise outfit was complete!


Top: Banana Republic (approx $20 marked down from approx $70)

Skirt: Banana Republic ($20 marked down from $89)

Mini jacket: Forever 21 ($20)

Necklace: Filene’s Basement (how I miss that store!) (approx $12 marked down from approx $35)

Shoes: Madden Girl ($10 marked down from approx $50)

Flower hair pin: H&M (approx $5)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Everything pictured here is at least a few years old, minus the pencil skirt from Banana Republic.  For this look, I went to my closet and picked out items in turquoise and gray. Then, I just hung them up next to each other and put together an outfit from what I had picked out.  I last featured this skirt on my post about peplum (pictured below).

photo 1 (10)

I think a full skirt in black or gray, and a pencil skirt in black or gray both go a long way on days when you just want to pick something out of your closet and head out the door, while still looking pulled together.  I keep an eye out for basic skirts when they go on sale for that very reason- it’s a quick solution to the “I have nothing to wear” conundrum we all face some days.  These can be found at any major chain store.  I like Banana Republic and J Crew for durable, classic skirts. Both stores have great sales- and J Crew has a great sale right now for discounts on their already reduced items.


2) I’ve noticed recently that in some stores, their sale section is essentially all over the store and easily visible.  However, in other stores, it’s a bit more hidden.  In my local Banana Republic in downtown Chicago, it was moved to the fourth floor (yes, it’s four stories!). I went in to the store a number of times and just thought they weren’t having a sale, until a sales rep said, “Did you make it up to the secret sale section?” ….say what? Secret sale section? Well, I ventured up there and the next sales rep said, “You found us all the way up here!” Hmm…so it seems as though they are hiding, or at least not advertising, a giant room with all of their sale items. It always pays to look completely around the store (and apparently four stories up) to see where the sale items are housed. 

What do you do when you face the “I have nothing to wear” conundrum in the morning? Do you have any go-to outfits when you’re dashing out the door?

Happy mid-week readers! Thank you for visiting and reading!!

37 replies to “(keeping it) together in turquoise

    1. It happens even when there’s clothes in the closet, doesn’t it?? It’s interesting how we have our go-to outfits when we feel that way.
      Thank you for visiting! Just started following your blog- it’s wonderful! 🙂

  1. I always go to the sale rack and the “back room” to look for the good deals. But I have to confess, lately I haven’t been such a good hunter as I am always in a hurry while shopping.

  2. four stories…wow. I remember going into a F21 not too long ago and being shocked that they had two levels. I love that quote of dressing up and showing up and there has been many a day I’ve used it as my motto

    1. The F21 here is also massive. It’s actually overwhelming it’s so big. I feel like I can only get through a section of it per trip. Even the accessories section is bigger than my apartment! And I like the quote too- some days, that’s all you can do!

  3. I’ve actually been feeling disorganized as well…even too lazy to put together an outfit :P. but I’m loving the print and ruffles of the top…and the bows of the shoes are adorable! So feminine!

  4. Such a cute floral peplum! My go to “I have nothing to wear” outfit tends to be my favorite black sheath dress with a cardigain and a belted waist. I always opt for a dress in these situations. It’s instant pretty with minimal ironing!

  5. Ok seriously…..you find the best deals “EVER”. Love the quote, my best friend has been saying something very similar for years and it’s definitely something I live by.

    1. Haha!! I am bargain hunter for life! Someone once said to me, “once you’re not a student anymore, you can just shop however you want!” Even then, I knew that wouldn’t happen. Five years later, I’m still loving every minute of a good fashion bargain hunt!!

      And, I love that quote too. It’s something I think we all live by some days. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!!

  6. Love combination of torques and grey,you look absolutely fantastic, your necklace makes it even sharper! we don’t have here neither Banana Republic or J.Crew , once I’ve bought jacket from Gap, delivery costed me 45 USD, but I wanted to have so much and lately I found almost the same here

    Have a good weekend and thank you for lovely comment on my blog

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