boldly bright


I posted about these pants yesterday in my “let’s get legit” post and now am showing how I styled these boldly bright pants!

When I first saw these pants at Ann Taylor, I hesitated to try them on. I actually saw them twice in the past, but apparently third time’s a charm. I finally tried them on and loved them! And frankly, marked down to $11 from $80, you couldn’t really beat the price. Because of the bold print and colors, I kept everything else simple (shoes, top, blazer).

Shoes, patterned but still neutral in color:


Top and blazer (all black), but necklace was gold and hot pink to match the pants:


Throughout the day, people approached me with feedback, which I think is great! The feedback ended up about 50/50 with suggestions of wearing a bold top versus all black on top. I got, “Oh wow! I love how you kept the top simple!” And then 5 minutes later from someone else, “Why didn’t you just take it all the way with a bold top?” The best part is that I think there are a ton of ways to style these pants- both simple and bold! I’ll go bold next time!


Pants: Ann Taylor ($11 marked down from $80)

Top: Nordstrom from ….10 years ago at the Anniversary Sale!

Blazer: Forever 21 (approx $20)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack ($14 marked down from $40)

Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) As I said, I looked past these pants on two separate occasions before I finally tried them on. I write this all the time, but you really never know what something is going to look like until you try it on! Ann Taylor continues to have a great sale right now, and has a ton of pants on sale- everything is 60% off their sale section (including online). You can visit the sale online here.

2) I am still not completely sure how I will wear these pants in fall, but I’m thinking I will pair them with booties and big cable sweaters. As with this summer version, I think bright colors as well as neutral colors (black and cream) will look great with these pants for fall. I have my eye out for cable sweaters now! This is a great time of year for summer sale shopping, but you can look for items that you can transition into fall- even brightly colored floral pants!

Readers, what do you think? Do you like neutrals with printed/bold pants? Or do you prefer to take the look all the way by wearing an all bright ensemble?

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week!

35 replies to “boldly bright

  1. These are beautiful! I like the way you’ve paired them with a more neutral top and shoes, it really focuses the attention – such a fun and sophisticated look! x

    1. They were an awesome deal! And, I end up wearing that blazer all the time because I think the ruffles on the shoulders are an interesting structural detail. Thanks for visiting and commenting!! xo from Chicago

  2. I love your pants so much! I bought a pair of floral pants earlier this year, but I’ve only worn them with simple tops so far… I have to tread trends lightly! You look so cute!

  3. Ok. First, those pants were a total steal! They look amazing. I think my instinct would have been to go with the simple black up top too. Let the pants do all the talking in the outfit. It might be fun to try them with a pink (coral? red? I cant’ exactly tell online) top to play up the flowers even more. Maybe add a leather jacket to make them feel more fall? Either way I’m totally jealous.
    And I LOVE your hair! so so so cute.

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much! I agree, the first thought is to keep the pants neutral, but I am definitely going to try coral, pink, or lime next! Would you believe I don’t have a leather moto jacket?! I need one for fall! Your recent post has a great one! Thanks for visiting 🙂 xoxo

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