bring on the bright


I don’t know what it is about Gap and me lately, but I have been finding a ton of gems there lately! When I found a brightly colored cutout pair of flats, I knew I would find tons of ways to wear them. Gap had them in four colors, three of which were almost neon, which I loved! They were all marked down to $12…score!


I paired them with a dress I also found while I was there. Gap makes this style of dress in tons of different patterns and colors, and I love them! They typically are around $60, but generally get marked down to around $24, so I keep an eye out for when they are marked down (of course!).


I was inspired by this dress to paint my nails in similar tones and add some nail art!


And finished off the manicure with my ring that I got at Coach a few years ago.


…with that, my bring on the brights outfit was complete!


Dress: Gap ($24 marked down from $60)

Shoes: Gap ($12 marked down from $40)

Leggings: Old Navy ($10)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) As you can see from the picture above, this dress is really versatile in terms of shoe/accessory pairings. I wanted to pair it with my bright shoes today, but clearly the dress can really match just about any shoe, which makes it that much more versatile! As I did in the photo, I generally lay out an item I am looking to wear in a new way. I then place shoes/accessories next to the item to see what I like and what I don’t. While I often do this at home, I have done the same thing in the store! I just carry the item around with me, and look through what colors seem to work well with it.

2) I love a good shirt-dress. I just love how classic and versatile they are. I was able to wear this classic style dress, while also embracing the color blocking and bright color trends. These dresses are perfect for summer because the sleeves roll-up. In fall and winter, I roll the sleeves down. I then add tights, leggings, sweaters, cardigans, and/or knee high boots to make them work in cooler weather. I did ask about why some of the styles were marked down to $40, while others were $30 or $20. The sales rep told me that they mark the dresses down in intervals and at different times. So, look through the racks to see if the prices vary on different colors and patterns.

I also have this dress in a different pattern from last winter:

photo 1 (37)

At Gap, they refer to these dresses as a: Printed roll-sleeve shirtdress. There are a number of them on sale right now:

Readers, do you ever buy the same dress in different colors? Does anyone else look for dresses that they can wear year round?

Happy Thursday, readers!! Thank you for visiting!


36 thoughts on “bring on the bright

  1. First up – LOVE those shoes and how you styled them with the adorable shirt dress! Super cool. Secondly, to answer your question, at the beginning of summer I bought three (yes!) of the same maxi dress from Old Navy b/c they had a great 20% off sale. I bought one in black (of course), one in magenta, and one in a sea green. They just fit so perfectly – I live in them! And since they are solid color I can play up with accessories or layer them over floral patterned bikinis 🙂 In the fall I’ll wear them with slouchy sweaters and tall boots. Happy Friday, love!

  2. The dress is really cute! Sometimes, I buy the same item in different colors, or even the same color when they fit me perfect and I fall in love with it! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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