july in review

Well, it’s somehow that time again- the month in review! I was all about bright colors this month, especially pairing all sorts of different bright colors together.  With the (amazing) turn of the weather here in Chicago, I was able to pull out some of my cooler weather clothing. I just cannot wait for fall fashion this year! Even as a grown-up (I guess, ha), I still think of fresh notebooks and pencils as August begins.  For now, though, here’s a recap of my July favorites.



22 thoughts on “july in review

  1. Love all of your outfits! Really like your style! But my favourite piece is definitely the blue skirt. I think I already told you that I adore this one! 😉 Great one! 🙂

  2. Hi! I really liked all the pants+shirt looks, they all look great and gorgeously matched togheter! As for the green skirt, I have to say I would have liked it more with heeled shoes! Anyway it’s been a cool month girl!

    • Thanks! I’m normally in skirts, so I like that I got out of my skirt zone and added some printed pants! I agree, I tend to like that skirt with heels more as well! It’s always a balance for me between flats and heels because my feet can get sore in heels some days! Thank you for commenting and visiting!! I love the feedback!

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