stepping out in (zebra) stripes


When I found these zebra print shoes at Gap for $8, I knew I had to figure out a way to wear them at work! Turns out, it really wasn’t that difficult to debut them at all.  We technically cannot wear flip flops at work, but these seem more formal to me with the numerous straps, so I went for it!


Side note: these sandals are still available at and for the 40% off the sale price! They are the: animal print multi-strap thongs.  There seems to be more of a discount in the store. So if you can visit your local shop, the discount should be higher.


I wore these sandals with my sheer orange Cynthia Rowley top, black pants, and gold jewelry.


I got the peacock bracelet a few years ago at Forever 21, and I picked up the necklace many years ago while in Vienna, Austria.  The jewelry maker is Frey Willie and the pattern is one of the famous buildings in Vienna, the Hundertwasser House.  The necklace charm was definitely an investment piece for me, and the chain was a gift from my parents.


Top: Cynthia Rowley at TJ Maxx ($19 marked down from approx $250)

Pants: Banana Republic ($20 marked down from approx $90)

Shoes: Gap ($8 marked down from $40)

Bracelet: Forever 21 (approx $5)

Necklace: Frey Willie (partial gift from travels)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1)  I love picking up jewelry when I travel instead of other souvenirs.  This is a great way to celebrate local artisans and preserve travel memories.  Many of my pieces are picked up in local markets, while other times, I choose to invest in local artists.  These pieces truly never go out of style, so I feel it’s a great investment if it’s something you love.

Based in Vienna, Frey Willie makes some beautiful and unique pieces:; check them out if you are not familiar with their work! Every piece is a true work of art.

I like the high/low price point mix of jewelry and pieces, as you all know.  I think the bracelet and necklace looked great together, even though they came from two different places, and had two very different themes.  The bright colors on both pieces is what kept the look coherent. 

2) As you may be experiencing where you live as well, this is a very odd summer in Chicago. It’s been unseasonably cool, which means getting a bit more creative with my summer work attire.  I have been pairing sandals with pants and long sleeves tops to not look too “wintery,” but also to stay warm!

This is one of the best times of year to get summer items on sale.  Many stores, including Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy are all having clearances right now (all of which are online, as well).  Anytime there’s a sale on top of a sale (ie 40% off sale prices), I look through the selection to find pieces that will work multi-season, or for summer items at a great price. All of the stores listed above are actually owned by the same company, so it’s a good guess that if there’s a sale at one of the stores, there is likely a sale at the others!

Happy mid-week readers! Thank you for visiting and reading!


16 thoughts on “stepping out in (zebra) stripes

  1. Ah the Hundertwaser House is so interesting! I visited it a few years ago when I was traveling through Europe. Great necklace and love the shoes!

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