swirl and twirl skirt


It has been a few weeks since I debuted my giant “ceramics” skirt.  I found this lovely skirt with the tags still attached (!) at my local consignment shop.  It was originally sold at Anthropologie for $88, but I got it for $16!   I love how much fabric is involved in this skirt! It’s also completely lined, which involves even more fabric (amazing).

This skirt is definitely a statement piece, so I had to put on my fashion thinking cap to consider about how I could wear it differently than last time. I opted for a simple orange t-shirt and orange shoes this time, to let the skirt remain the stand-out piece.

Here’s how I wore it last time, and then this time.


In this ensemble, I added my handmade necklace by Zegna Jewelry.


Between my orange shoes and blue necklace, the two colors kept everything coherent looking.


And, of course, for indoor air conditioning, I added my cream ruffle cardigan from H&M.


Skirt: Anthropologie via consignment ($16 marked down from $88)

T-shirt: Forever 21 ($4)

Cardigan: H&M ($10 marked down from approx $30)

Shoes: Dolce Vita at Bloomingdale’s outlet ($17 marked down from $100)

Necklace: Zegna Jewelry


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) In the past, I  had the misconception that it was nearly impossible to create completely different looks with statement pieces.  While it was challenging to think through how to wear this skirt differently, I was able to pull together a different look than last time.  Instead of wearing a monochromatic look, I opted for a bold color pairing in this ensemble.  You have heard me say it before, it is challenging to think outside of our own box with our clothes, but completely possible! Thinking through your clothes differently allows for more versatility, which is the best bargain around…wearing what you already have to make it look new!

2) This outfit was a good mix of high and low pieces. I generally do not invest in designer t-shirts or tank tops. I do, however, look for high quality at a good price. I think Gap, Old Navy, H&M, and Forever 21 have a good price point for tank tops and t-shirts for very decent quality. Let’s face it, it does not matter how expensive your t-shirt is, they can get a bit grimy over time (especially light colored tops). Try a few different brands, put them through the wash a few times, and then look at how the fabric is doing.  If they remain intact with no stray threads or pilling, then you’ve got a good piece!  

Hooray, happy Friday readers!


31 thoughts on “swirl and twirl skirt

    • Thank you! And yes! I always go to places that get good reviews online (I use yelp.com and Google reviews), and then I talk to the store staff to see when they generally put out their new items. If you live in a city, look for shops on the outskirts of the city, where there tends to be better prices and less of a crowd/demand.

      If I am going somewhere that I know is more of a charity shop, I allot for more time to look around because there can be so much more “digging” involved. For vintage, resale and thrift, I also ask the store staff if they have a specific section for designer pieces, because they can be hard to find.

      I hope that helps! Good luck!

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