maxed out, Lucky competition!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was asked to participate in a Show Us Your Summer Colors contest through Lucky Magazine. If you are liking my summer colors, You can vote here! I am entry number 97. I’ve never entered my blog in a contest before, so it’s exciting to try something new!


Thanks for all your support readers!

23 replies to “maxed out, Lucky competition!

    1. Thank you! It was actually the dress in the window of the shop! I’m glad I asked if it was for sale/if I could try it on! It ended up being a perfect summer addition. Xo! Thank you for visiting!

  1. Just voted! Love love love the dress, and the accessories were spot on. Great styling, well done! B x

  2. Voted! Very good choice the bracelet. It is always important to keep things that have a meaning for you. That is why I loved your outfit. I hope you win!

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