orange you glad


I cannot resist a good pun! I especially cannot resist a fashion pun, so please forgive the pun title of this post! However, I was, in fact, glad to be wearing an orange outfit today.

When I initially found these pants, I considered pairing them with a mint green top (pictured below). However, I ultimately ended up preferring the orange top over the mint green top.  Either way, you can see here that the pants could certainly be paired with different colored tops.


To add a pop of color to the otherwise solely orange ensemble, I added a turquoise necklace and ring.


I kept my shoes “neutral” in metallic tones. I think the style of the shoe mirrored the pant pattern quite well, with both of them having a circular pattern.


Top: Cynthia Rowley at TJ Maxx ($19 marked down from approx $250)
Pants: Jones New York at TJ Maxx ($17 marked down from $74)
Shoes: Target (a few years ago, approx $15)
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack ($15 marked down from approx $35)
Ring: Forever 21 (approx $3)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I have been to TJ Maxx many times with no luck.  However, I make it a general rule not to completely stop going to a designer discount store just because I have not found a lot of pieces there in the past.  It does not take more than a few minutes to go through most designer discount stores if you stick to the clearance racks, as the clearance racks tend to be the smallest sections.  Don’t get too discouraged if you do not find anything! Maybe you will next time, which is exactly what happened with these pants!

For more information about TJ Maxx, you can visit their website:

2) The pants and top are by two different designers, but they are the exact same shade of orange. In a store like TJ Maxx, you have the luxury of finding a ton of potential matching pieces.  Once you have some potential matches, you can then pick which pieces you like best and which are the best values.  If you are like many shoppers and feel pressed for time, you can pick up a few matching pieces, try them on at home, and then return everything except for the pieces you liked best.  The only catch with that method is to make sure the returns don’t sit at home in a “return pile” that ends up never getting  returned!

For more ways to wear printed pants with different tops, you can look through this article:


Happy almost Friday, readers! Thank you for visiting!


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