here comes the sun(day)


At a Bloomingdale’s Outlet sale this week, I found these asymmetrical bright orange flats. Clearly, asymmetrical is a theme for me this week!

These flats were originally $100, then marked down to $35 …and then 50% off at the sale. Thus, they ended up being $17! These bright, sunny flats inspired my nails for the week.  I painted them sky blue and added a sun on each thumb.


I cannot wait to wear the shoes this week and debut my matching sun nails!


Dolce Vita flats ($17 marked down from $100)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) When you are shopping a sale at any store, look around for the section with the highest markdowns. The Bloomingdale’s Outlet sale had shoes for 20% off at the front of the store.  However, as I walked towards the middle of the store, I found a few racks that had “50% off already reduced prices.” The highest markdowns are unlikely to be at the front of any store, so always walk around the whole store to check-out all of the reductions. 

2) I suspect that these shoes might have been passed over because the color looks a bit more like an autumn color than a summer color.  However,I still plan on wearing these shoes in summer! Even if I did not plan on wearing them until autumn, I do buy seasonal pieces out of season because you can generally get better prices when you are shopping “out of season.”  

For more styles from Dolce Vita, you can visit their site here:

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Thank you for visiting!


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