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This months’s Marie Claire had a piece about nail art that you can do yourself at home called, “Hands on.” I decided to give the look by Jessica Washick a go.

Here’s the article, and then the colors I had at home to try and replicate the look:


I thought I was painting something totally different than last week’s look, but it ended up looking similar in the end. At least the nails look a bit more like a spotted animal print than polka dots. Next week, I’m really going to try something completely different!


Nail colors used:

Orange: Sunny Side Up from Wet and Wild ($1)

Light blue spots: Sail La Vie from Sinful Colors ($1.99)

Mint green spots layered on top of blue: Turquoise and Caicos from Essie ($7.50)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) The look was listed for $41 in the magazine article, between the brushes and nail polishes. I completed the look on my own for free, as I already had all of the colors. The initial cost of the polishes when I bought them was $10.50 for all three.  I last used them with these looks:


I skipped the brush and painted the spots freehand with the brush included with the polish for even more savings.

2) Seeing the Marie Claire article showed me a new way to use what I already had, which is what fashion on a budget is all about. There are so many great nail blogs, Pinterest pins and magazine articles dedicated to painting trendy nails on your own. Check ’em out for your own inspiration! Painting your own nails is an easy way to save money, while still keeping a polished (pun intended) look.

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