purple pastel polka dot polish!


Let’s face it: I have become addicted to nail art. Admittedly, I am still working up to more involved nail art. For now, I am sticking with easy-to-paint polka dots. Maybe in the next few weeks, I’ll try something else! I found a skirt recently with purple details, so I took a cue from the skirt for this week’s nails. Check out Monday’s post for more on the skirt!

Other polka dot looks I’ve painted thus far this summer:

20130617-202748.jpgphoto (4)

This week’s polka dot look seems a little spring-like to me, but I decided to keep it anyway.



Light purple is St. Lucia Lilac by Essie (free, I had a gift certificate!)

Darker purple is On a Trip by Wet ‘n Wild ($1.99)

 Fashion Huntress tips:

1) It is pretty safe to say this look may not match a lot of what I am going to wear this week, but who knows? Maybe it will! If not, I still like it! Often, when I am pairing things together for the first time, or out shopping, I think “this might be weird-looking…” but I always end up liking it. Fashion is a form of self expression and having fun! An easy way to start trying new things is on your nails. If you do not end up liking your look, just start over! I often hear people say, “I could never wear that,” or “I could never try that.” Why not?! Have fun and give it a try!

2) Polka dots have been the easiest way for me to try nail art because I have been using a toothpick or a wooden skewer to make the dots. The toothpick/skewer makes it especially easy to paint when you are using your non-dominant hand!  There are so many great nail blogs out there for inspiration.  Check out the blogs I follow for inspiration of your own.

Happy Sunday, readers! Thanks for visiting!

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