under the sea


It’s Monday, so I’ve done my nails for the week!

Well, technically, I did them on Saturday. However, the look turned into what I dubbed a “nail fail.”


I was going for an ocean/sea look but it ended up a smeared mess! Though, from further away, they actually looked okay. The close up, however, shows how smeared they got. I used a silver Sharpie for the middle section and I think I didn’t let it dry enough. I really do not know what happened there. Regardless, I decided to just start over. That’s the best part about trying nail trends; If you try something and you don’t like it, just start over!

I wanted to keep with the water theme. I was definitely inspired by water themed photos I took over the course of the past month:


Voila! Under the sea nails!



I created a “bubble” effect with two different shades of blue on top of the dark blue background.


Base color, Dive bar by Essie ($7.50); Darker turquoise, Ocean teal from Gap ($3 on sale!); Light turquoise, Turquoise and Caicos by Essie ($7.50)

1) Taking risks on nail polish is an easy way to try out trends. Sometimes they look great, sometimes they do not! Just start over if you do not like the look. In retrospect, I should have done the first look on one nail before moving forward with the rest of my nails. I recommend you do the same, and next time I will too!

2) I created the dots on nails with a toothpick dipped in polish. I used the wider end for the bigger bubbles and the pointed end for the inner bubbles. I recommend getting a decent amount of polish on the toothpick to paint the dots. Otherwise, you can end up just chipping the base color instead of adding a layer of polish.

Happy Monday, readers! Thanks for visiting!

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