it’s hip to be square



I love how style and fashion can remind us of wonderful memories. My friend today told me my pants reminded her of watching the Mary Tyler Moore show as a little girl. When she said that, I realized that I thought the same thing! During summer vacations, I remember watching the Mary Tyler Moore show in my parent’s room while eating my morning breakfast. Oh, the joys of long summer vacations, freshly cut grass, and running through the sprinkler with my brother and sister.

These square printed pants certainly do evoke that 60’s Mary spirit, and carefree summer days. Nowadays, I hold onto that same spirit, but with modern heels and a statement necklace. This look does prove, at least in my book, that it is totally hip to be square- especially when you’re trendy in squares!



Pants: Gap (approx $35 marked down from $55)
Shirt: Urban Outfitters ($15 marked down from approx $50)
Sweater: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $40)
Shoes: Cole Haan at Nordstrom Rack ($150 marked down from approx $350)
Necklace: Charming Charlie’s ($3.50 marked down from $14)



Fashion Huntress tips

1) Readers, you know how I feel about high/low outfits. These shoes upgrade the whole outfit. Nordstrom Rack has two shoes sections: designer shoes and “regular shoes.” Shockingly, I have found some cheaper shoes in the designer section than the regular shoes section! Even the designer section has clearances, but you have to look through all of the shoes, as they are not in a designated “clearance section” like they are in the regular shoes. These shoes were not a total steal, but I have yet to find that brand at a cheaper price in retail stores. Fear not, though, if it is possible to get them cheaper, I will let you know how I do it!

2) Charming Charlie’s ended up having some good pieces. The orange necklace pictured here was part of a “buy one clearance item, get one free” deal. Two necklaces for $7 is a great price, especially if you dig through the cheaper looking pieces and find some better quality ones. I’m planning on writing a Charming Charlie’s post later this week, so stay tuned for tips from that store!

12 replies to “it’s hip to be square

  1. You have so many hues but it’s all so harmonious! The shoes are worth the splurge and I never would have guessed that necklace was anywhere near that price, not even close. Another beautiful outfit! Well done!

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