neon nails


Starting another week means another nail style! This week, I went with neon nails.


I added some green polka dots to the purple nails with a toothpick, and then an accent nail on each hand. Super easy!

photo (4)
I kept my outfit in theme today with a neon shirt and necklace. Neon in the workplace? Yes!


Nail colors:
Neon purple “DJ play that song” by Essie ($7.50) and neon green “Innocent” by Sinful Colors ($1.99)

Fashion Huntress tips

1) When I was picking up the purple Essie polish (free! I had a gift certificate!), the salesperson said that the neon polishes look best if you start with a white polish base coat and then the neon color on top. I was in a bit of a hurry and couldn’t find my white polish yesterday, but I think that’s a great tip!

2) My mom reminded me that a lot of nail places and salons have polishes on sale.  They often will have polishes that are from last season on sale to make room for the newest polishes.  She found Essie polishes on sale for $4 that way this weekend! Look around or ask at your local salon!

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