gray (but not gloomy!) day



Is it wrong to say that my heart beats for these shoes? Because it does.  I think that people who love fashion and clothes often have a fond memory associated with certain things they own.  I know I certainly do, which led me to reach for my favorite gray jumper this morning, to pair with these shoes.

I lovingly refer to my dress collection as my “work jumper” collection.  When I was in graduate school, this was the first jumper I bought for my internship. I have fond memories of wearing it while navigating through the maze-like hallways of the hospital. I was endlessly eager to find my way, physically and professionally. Now that I have found my way, I continue to reach for my same jumper, but now with confidence.


While this dress is an oldie, I updated it with plaid tights, a button down shirt, and booties.

Dress: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $60)
Shirt: J. Crew (borrowed from my sis, thanks G!)
Tights: Hue (my mom got them for me at Marshall’s)
Shoes: Made by Elves at Urban Outfitters ($20 marked down from approx $110)



Fashion Huntress tips:

1) The funky shoes and tights looked most appropriate for work with a conservative dress.  The easiest way for me to pull off the tights and shoes at work was to keep the look monochromatic, and the dress simple.  If you want to wear an edgy piece at work, try to pair it with traditional or conservative pieces.  This is especially important if you work in a culture where work attire is expected to be more conservative.  

2) Give your older clothes an update with on-trend pieces.  I have had this dress for years. However, with trendy shoes, the whole ensemble looked modern and chic. 



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