ballerina dreams


I never took ballet classes as a little girl. I really did not have the agility and poise for dance. Trust me on this one. However, probably like many other girls, I always did love seeing big tutus, tulle, pastel tights, and satin shoes. So, when I saw that ballet skirts were on trend, you can imagine my excitement. Finally! I could wear ballet attire!

I found a ballet inspired skirt this weekend and decided it posed a good challenge. How can one wear ballet attire at work? I did some Pinterest perusing and decided to look through my closet to see what I could pull together. Below is what I settled on.


Skirt: Ann Taylor ($12 marked down from $60)

Top: Banana Republic  ($18 marked down from $45)

Belt: Ann Taylor ($13 marked down from $30)

Tights: Hue at Nordstrom Rack ($5 from approx $20)

Shoes: Ellen Tracy at DSW ($9 marked down from $99)

photo (3)

As I was walking home last night, a little girl skipped up to me and shyly said, “I like your skirt,” and skipped away. With that stamp of approval, I call my ballerina dreams for adults ensemble a success.


Check out my Pinterest board for other ballet inspired looks. I pinned some of my favorites. I cannot wait to try other looks with the skirt. I am thinking of pairing it with a denim chambray top next time. Oh, the possibilities!


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) When wearing anything sheer at work, slips are your best friend. The skirt pictured here was lined and still needed a slip. No one wants a sheer see-through slip-up at work (pun intended).

2) I have a general rule that if I cannot think of how I can wear a piece, I will not buy it. Why keep clothes sitting in a closet or drawer unworn? That’s not budget friendly! I loved this skirt, but was not sure about how to wear it. I checked out Pinterest and other blogs, and then decided I had enough pieces at home to create at least three different outfits with the skirt. You can also ask a salesperson in the store how they have been displaying it. In some stores, especially the discount stores, the salespeople may not know. However, in chain stores, they should have an idea or at least a catalog to help you.

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