ladylike in ladybug

Imagephoto 2 (22)

I have had my eye on this ladybug print dress at Gap since it came out. Finally, it went on sale! I am not quite sure how I will wear this at work yet. Additionally, the dress is a bit sack-like, so will definitely need a belt so it does not end up looking like a burlap ladybug sack.  Regardless, I love this ladybug print and the dress shirt style should lend itself to an easy work look. Stay tuned…and send suggestions!

Original price of the Gap ladybug dress = $60, paid = $22

Savings = $38

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) This dress has a bold print and is not likely to become a ‘heavy rotation’ piece that I will wear all the time.   When I buy bold prints, I still try to think of at least 2-3 ways in which I can wear it to make it worthwhile.  Thus, I am thinking of wearing it with leggings, tights, skinny jeans, or bare legged.

2) Even if there is a piece I really love, I tend to keep an eye on it throughout the season until it goes on sale.  Beware! This can backfire and you may miss out if it does not end up on sale.  However, most pieces do end up on sale.  I lucked out with this one!


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