Readers, I have to be honest:  I did not know that DSW sold bags.  Therefore, I did not know that they sold high-end bags. You can imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this find at DSW.


This is a pale wine shoulder bag made by Pour La Victorie.  According to their website, Pour La Victorie bags are sold at places such as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. DSW is keeping it classy!

I have seen bags and purses by Pour La Victorie numerous times in various fashion magazines. You can see where they are featured in fashion magazines here:

Anyway, let’s get to the magic that is this bag. It was in the clearance section.  I know, it is hard to believe. It was originally $300, but was marked down to $145. It gets better, though. This bag was one of the yellow sticker finds, which means it was 80% off the sale price. It ended up costing $33 with tax.


Original price of the purse = $300, paid = $33

Savings: $267

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I normally make my way straight to the clearance section at DSW. Apparently, I just had to look around the store a little more to see what else it offered! Once I got to the purse section, it was definitely worth it to look through every single bag to find the nicer brands. The quality on this purse is great. I recommend looking through all of the accessories to find the higher quality bags that may have been passed over by others. The $145 tag may have deterred people who did not realize that the price was 80% off the list price.

2) This bag is not a ‘standard’ color, but I have a hunch it will match a bunch of different outfits- including that lace dress I posted about last week! A lot of the spring looks are featuring all sorts of patterns and colors that are not exact matches. Consider trying different colors and patterns to create a fresh spring look.

To see more of these bags (alas, full price), here is their website:

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