How I Wore It…lace dress

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Pulling together a work appropriate look with the lace dress find was actually easier than I thought it would be! I paired the dress with a mid-length black cardigan, textured tights and black patent leather wedges. The tights were the same color as the dress; I decided to wear textured tights to create a funkier look than standard opaque tights. Even though this dress is lined, a full slip was also necessary.

First peplum, now lace; there is no stopping the spring trends now! I am thinking about how I might wear it next. Any suggestions? Let me know!

Dress: H&M ($15 marked down from $40)

Top: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)

Tights: Gap (forgive me; I bought them a few months ago…full price! Oh, the shame!) ($13)

Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender ($100 marked down from $350)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I did a ‘high and low’ mix with this outfit. ‘High and low’ ensembles make the low price pieces look even better. No one could believe my dress was $15! As always, I try to get all my pieces on sale, even the high-end pieces. It is a challenge I love to meet!

2) I’ll post on my Vera Wang shoes soon. They were a great investment and I wear them all the time. One nice piece or accessory can jazz up your whole outfit- not that the lace dress needed much ‘jazz-ing’ at all!

photo 1 (11)


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