let’s get down to business. serious business. shoes.

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…the way I feel about shoes is pretty serious. Well, as you are probably realizing, I feel pretty strongly about fashion in general. Shoes and accessories seem to be a fairly easy way to add some personality to my more conservative outfits. I recently delved into the world of DSW shoes. The real gem of DSW for deals is their clearance section. The clearance section is broken down by color coding…but the color they don’t list on their sign on the rack is yellow. Yellow means the shoe is 80% off the sticker price! I’ve found that yellow stickered shoes end up being about $12…with tax. Some of the clearance shoes are garish and definitely not work appropriate, but there are a few solid winners.

The shoes pictured were yellow stickered $12 gems in the clearance section. They are by Lula Townsend. I’ve worn them many times and never gotten a single blister!

Original price of the shoes = $79, paid = $12

Savings = $67

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Check out the clearance section at DSW and look for the yellow sticker. Those shoes should be 80% off the clearance price.

2) Printed shoes can be versatile, especially in black and white. You can wear this type of print however you want! I’ve worn them with a striped top, with tapered dress pants, and dresses. They also have a small blue detail around the edge, and look great with colored tops.


2 thoughts on “let’s get down to business. serious business. shoes.

  1. I frequent the clearance section in DSW as well… Love to see those yellow stickers!!! 😉 I have walked out of on DSW with six pairs of heels and did not even break a hundred bucks… 😉

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