does fancy have to be synonymous with expensive?

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Generally speaking, I think that a lot of cheap jewelry looks, well… cheap. There are a number of places to find good quality jewelry at a decent price when on sale. I will write about some of those finds in upcoming posts. This post, however, is about my favorite thing: hidden gems that look fancy but actually are not fancy at all (in terms of price). The earrings pictured here are from (wait for it)…Forever 21. Not only did they come from Forever 21, but also I recently realized that Forever 21 has a $1-$1.50 jewelry section. The jewelry that comes on pink/light coral backed holders seems to be around that price point. In the megastore near me, there is a rack with this jewelry, while the rest comes on cream-colored holders. I have worn these pale turquoise earrings probably 30+ times in the past few months and get compliments on them every time. $1.50, people. $1.50. Sold.

As a side note, these earrings have not lost a single rhinestone! My sister had a pair of Chanel sunglasses (LOVE, so beautiful!) that lost so many rhinestones that they had to be sent back twice before she gave up. I am just saying, yes, you generally get what you pay for, but occasionally you can find a hidden gem.

Original price of the earrings: $1.50, paid $1.50

Savings? With this price point, no sale hunting needed.

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) If you are adding a piece that is trendy but not great quality, do a mix of ‘high and low’ pieces. Coco Chanel was a master of this strategy! Otherwise, the whole ensemble can end up looking not so great. (Bear in mind that even high-end pieces can still be very affordable if you are dedicated to “digging,” as we call it in my family…I’ll blog more about that later).

2) Who cares whether it was a low cost accessory? I just love some pieces, regardless of where I got them.

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