The beginning


It all started on one of those frigid and gray days in February. I stopped in our administrative office to grab some supply or another when we began talking about my shoes. I can basically talk about clothes, shoes and accessories all day, everyday, so this was not unusual for me. While there, my friend Mary Lou said to me, “You really like fashion. Why don’t you do something with it?” It wasn’t the first time I had heard this, but it was the first time I didn’t really have an answer. I do love fashion. Maybe it’s time to start doing something about it! And thus, the Fashion Huntress was born.

Some people joke about sale, clearance and vintage shopping being their exercise. For me, this is no joke. I am a healthcare professional and, many days by the end of the day, I need to move around and clear my mind. Though really, my love of fashion and style came long before I was a professional. It got serious, however, when as a young professional just starting out post graduate school, I realized I basically had no work-appropriate clothes. Or if I did, they were what I could afford when interning: mostly poor quality. I found that the issue was two fold: it’s hard for young professionals to find high quality clothing at a reasonable price point, and there’s a lot of really dull work clothes that were “professional,” but not really that interesting to me. As the years have passed, I’ve been able to find my voice and personality in my clothing, while also managing to still pay my bills…and even buy groceries.

This blog is about finding deals and steals that are good quality, versatile, and professional. It’s also about finding your voice and style in a work-appropriate way, while also having attire that can transition into different settings and contexts. Most importantly, this blog is about having fun, relaxing, and realizing that it is completely feasible to look good, feel good, and not blow your budget.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. I appreciate your patience as I begin blogging my adventures in fashion and style in the real world (as opposed to the dream world of owning everything in Vogue magazine).


Melissa Ann

12 replies to “The beginning

  1. Hi Melissa!, how is it going?! 🙂
    I just would like suggest you to add your wordpress link to your gravatar, so it’s going to be easier for us (your fans) look for your blog. I mean, sometimes I look for you and it’s pretty hard because the blog link is not there.
    I’m sure you are going to have more visits too 🙂
    Just a suggestion! 🙂 (I wanted to send you an email but I didn’t find any. So delete this comment if you want).
    Keep in contact! 😉

      1. Hi!… I’m not very experienced on this but we’ll try to do it 😉
        Look at the top-right of your page and click on your picture (next to the ‘magnifying gals’).
        Then you are in your gravatar pager: add your ‘wordpress link’ in ‘web address’ and I think it’s done… let me know and I’ll check it for you form my page 🙂

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